Pasar Malam Safer Then Football!

Football is an industry and the sooner the government accepts it, the better it will be for everyone.

Before the arm chair critics and the detractors poor ice cold water on a possible return of football, it’s best to reflect on what’s written.

There are 22 teams in the M – League alone, and each team employs some 50 players and officials on one team.

That’s a total of 1,200 people under the payroll of a football club.

Another 500 are employed in the football clubs

Then we have those directly related such as gatekeepers, match officials., Ball boys, stretcher bearers, stadium staff , stewards, , security personnel.

And outside the venues, directly or indirectly there are those who pedal food, apparel, transportation such as e-hailing drivers and other forms of transportation.

And this is normally done by those who the government labels as B40 wage earners.

And why do they do this? To supplement their income of course.

So when Ismail Sabri came on air to announce that theM-League would not be allowed to take place, it was a devastating blow to the football industry.

When the MKN talks about economy, did they realise that football, not just sports in general is an industry.

Do these so called experts in suits when they ought to be wearing straight jackets realise that it’s more dangerous to go to the “ Pasar Malam” to go watch a football match?

How on earth you deny football from returning but allow the night markets to proceed?

What kind of logic is there when there is only around 100 people involved in a football match but thousands throng the night market.

Has any member of the MKN taken a ride on the komuter.

The frequency of trains has been reduced instead of being increased and this has led to crowding..

Come join me in a train where you can see the risk factor doubling if bot tripling.

Letting football be played will help keep the public at home as matches are beamed live to the living rooms.

There are many ways how the M-League can be allowed to go on.

If those sitting on MKN need a lesson in organisation of sports safely in this period, then here goes.

1. Quarantine based approach where say 6 teams are placed in a particular location ( town) and three matches can be played that night. It’s a controlled environment for say a 3 month period. These teams will then switch location once they played each other.

2. Allowing teams to play at their respective venues with compulsory swab tests conducted a day before the matches. This will involve all those to be present at the matches.

3. Creation is f a sports bubble for the teams concerned in terms of where they are accommodated and even in training this can be practiced.

Getting football back is vital as the national players need the minutes on the pitch in a competitive manner.

They are in the midst of creating football history as the team is trying to qualify for theAsia/World Cups sms ought to be given every assistance to qualify

Just reflect back on the feel good factor that surrounded the country , for instance the fight of former premier Najib Razsk sitting on the streets of Bukit Bintang celebrating our success at the AFF Cup.

The nation needs a feel good factor right now and not the doom and gloom that the sorry system of our politicians are dishing out.

The five former sports ministers sitting on the cabinet should know better how sports, especially football contributes to the society.

And they ought to support Reezal Merican whom I believe will try again to allow football and other sports to return.

Can the MKN kindly show us data on one sports cluster in the country’.

On the other hand we have found so many clusters through social gatherings, weddings, religious events.

Let’s us base things in facts, not personal sentiments lease.

Football must be back, no other way l about this.

If not that the PM must approve an allocation of RM3 million per team to offset their losses as from football these players could end up as burger sellers in night markets.

So where is the nearest night markets to FAM please.

For Midin and his staff might as close ship on football and open a stall.