Playing matches at 3pm does not make sense

The stands are virtually empty.

Fans can be counted during matches.

Publicity is lacking. And no effort to promote the event.

And yet the Competitions Manager of MHC deems it fit to hold the semi finals of the Women Hockey League at unearthly hours.

The semi finals, pitting the top four teams of the league will be held on Tuesday, February 12 and the return leg on Thursday , February 14.

And the first semi final in both days, to be played at Stadium Tun Razak, will be held at 1500H, yes you read that right, at 3.00pm.

The question was posed to the MHL Technical Committee who replied that a proposal to hold matches simultaneously at two different venues, the Tun Razak Stadium and KLHA Stadium In Pantai at 1700H, being 5.00pm.

This will allow fans to catch the trans in action as both are working days.

But the Competition Manager was adamant, citing additional costs of having an ambulance and another group of ball pickers.

It is learnt that he cited “ additional costs” as a valid reason to deny the change,

Now this is a case of being “ penny wise and pound foolish.”

Firstly playing in such heat will surely affect the performance of the players.’

Secondly for commercial and return of investment for sponsors, not having spectators is a big no no.

Earlier it was thought that the reason for the two matches to be played at one venue to facilitate live telecast.

However it was not the case as the matches are not live.

Ironically an individual has the authority to over rule the decision of a committee who thought for the best interest of players and the sport.

Perhaps another press release will follow to justify this decision by the Competitions Manager.

One must remember that officials are nothing without players.

And their interest matters over everything else.