PM Directive halts M League, MJHL and Msian Open Badminton

The Prime Minister could not have it more precise and clear.

No sports activities are to be held until April 30, effectively putting the lid on the Malaysian Open Badminton, the M League as well as the Malaysian Junior Hockey League.

All this delay tactics in coming out with a firm decision that some were holding on to to show their intelligence actually was thrown to the gutter by one simple directive by the Prime Minister in his live address to the nation over the TV.

The ironic thing was while FAM/MFL decided to postpone all matches until the end was of March, the extra month of postponement as directed by the Prime Minister will now make those at MFL scramble for options.

Remember that the fasting month is scheduled to commence in around April 23.

So effectively if a green light is given to resume activities in May, most of the month is actually Ramadan with Hari Raya towards the end of May.

One option that MFL could consider is to do away with the home and away format and play a single round, taking into account the matches already played.

This will reduce the fixtures by half at the very least.

Or another option would be to proceed with the current format but scrap the Malaysia Cup this season.

Both these options over yo be considered by MFL.

As for Badminton, the Malaysian Open had it gone in would not see the participation of the Danish players due to the travel ban imposed.

With the Olympics in July/August, there is a big possibility that the Thomas/Uber Cup be moved towards the end of the year.

Therefore BAM could consider moving it to the May window, if available.

As for Hockey, no need to advice them anything as all their focus is to deny qualified and passionate people from running the sport.

They will not heed directives as the Ministry of Education madd it clear that schools cannot partake in any cross boundary sports events.

So with only three non school teams or not using supposedly school players, go play your league in the empty stadium as stated.

Anyway as I said earlier. No need to give suggestions as they bite the hand that feeds them.

By the way hope you guys rejoice on leaving or punishing my brother for being my brother as he is again left out on appointments .

See what karma does, So repent while you can.