Podium Program Clear Out, NSC always absolved of blame

The massive termination of Athletes from the Podium Program ( or whatever is left of it from the original version) was shocking to say the least.

Firstly why were sports of Athletes in the SEA Games level in the Podium Program in the first place?

Was the intention of the Podium Program not to provide assistance to high level achievers at the Asian and World Levels?

So why are Athletes at the regional SEA Games level in this costly program in the first place?

NSC often comes out with their own programs for the SES Games, the last bring Kits Juara for the 2017 SEA Games.

The excuse given was that these Athletes had not met their key performance index in the recent SEA Games.

NSC DG Dato Ahmad Shapawi was even quoted as saying that Athletes targeted for bronze failed to deliver.

Bronze at SEA Games? And included in Podium Program!

Now I have this to ask both Shapawi and Jeffry Ngadirin who is Director of Athletes Division NSC,

Both of you failed to achieve your KPI at the Commonwealth, Asian and SEA Games in terms of medal tally.

That amounts to a failure that was recorded over 24 months.

Did you take responsibility and step down?

Did both of you not set the targets for the Athletes and associations?

Are not both of you the ones that often plan the various retreats, workshops to set this far fetched targets?

Was it not both of you that dictated the selection of athletes at the OCM Selection Committed meetings?

And was is not both of you that chaired and participated in the Post Mortem of the SEA Games recently, , the findings yet to be made public?

The various national spirts associations that will gather at the OCM Council meeting this morning and ought to use that platform to be heard on this issue.

OCM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria must back his member associations and take serious note of the issues raised by the national associations on the plight of Athletes.

Only two days ago Shapawi was praising former Sports Minister Syed Saddiq sky high on the latter’s focus on the welfare of Athletes.

So what welfare are you talking about Shapawi when you and your team just chops Athletes and bland the national sports bodies in failure.

Tell you what Shapawi, give grants to the NSA’s, let them handle their programs and Athletes, let them be accountable.

Then you can blame them all you want lah.

Stop this charade of blaming others, be it athletes or associations, we have had enough of this lame excuse for years.

And if you think you can run sports better, go challenge Norza for the OCM Presidency.

After all Malaysian sports remains at your mercy right!.