Podium Task Force- An exercise in futility despite evidence

After 2 weeks of engagement with Administrators, Athletes, sports officials and foreign experts that had left the country, the Podium Enhancement Task Force completes its fact finding Mission a week ago.

And since last Thursday they have been deliberating on what to include in the final report to the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

The seventh and final session of interviews to cast further light in just how the program was managed both technically, administratively ad well. As financially since former ISN CEO Dr. Khairi Zawi cooperated with the Panel.

Similar to the Public Account Committee , the role of the Task Force is not punitive in nature,

Rather they are to identify area of grave concern, recommend improvement and look forward to enhancing the Podium Program that started in 2016 but went astray as it never did achieve the objectives when it was initially drawn up for approval to the Economic Planning Unit.

If there is a comparison of sorts to 1MDB, then this has to be it.

Imagine what started as a lean and mean program for the top echelon of Athletes in the country saw a change in management and structure once big brother NSC edged out NSI from administrating the Program.

At the last count some 600 off able and para athlete are in the program, therefore it is no longer an elite program but one for the masses, all including the much vaunted Pelapis Program under one person.

The adage “ too many cooks spoil the truth” does not hold water, not when it comes to NSC ad tasks to uplift sports are only given to the chosen ones, never mind their experience was in Alam Flora or its equivalent.

NSC has for far too long implement the “ my way, of the highway” concept in dealing with the national sports associations.

Just because NSC controls the purse strings it does not make them “ the jack of all trades but master of none.”

We probably are the only country in the world that allows administrators determine a program as the science experts are huddled in a dungeon and told do as I say.

For far. Too long the expenses of the rich podium program have not been madd public , hopefully the Task Force will shed some light.

Honestly it will be interesting to see the accounts of 2018 and 2019 to see how much was actually spent on sports under the program.

Bottom line the decision will lie on DS Reezal.

Will he have the clout or right mindedness to make the necessary changes to NSC, NSI and it’s programs?

Will he be able to listen to the muffled cries of the NSA’s as well as Athletes and coaches to improve sports?

Will DS Reezal be one of those who came in with fines blazing to change for the better but eventually gets sucked into the chess game so often played by civil servants in NSC where the motto is obviously no one knows better then us?

Or will the Podium Program be another 1MDB where it is too late to fix despite all there to see yet blinded by “ I know best” policy so Long equated with NSC

The best person to fit the right job policy was never practiced in sports in the country and let’s take a survey of just how many of Indian, Chinese are currently in the system.

Oh well just one thing on my mind, nothing will change after the report is finalised, an exercise in futility, trust me.