Podium Task Force: Paying the price for stating the truth

The Task Force Podium Enhancement report may not have been made public yet, but the ripples have been taking effect for the past one month.

But it has nothing to do with the finings but rather those involved in the Task Force have sine form of a tsunami AFF trying them either directly.

A seen hand is behind all this and unfortunately nothing is being done in the intimidation exercise that to be Frank was not something unexpected.

It has been born forever this to happen as it was left unchecked all this while.

Five members of the ‘ember Task Force have felt a brunt of the effect but none are prepared to open up, for fear of further reprisals

From not receiving allocated grants, removal of a strength coach to young and athletes being deprived of a certain lace in programs, refusal of re-payment of expenses which was considered a dine deal by convention for many years, putting a spanner in potential work to losing a high ranking position.

The seen hand 🖐 S said party to all this through “ agents” so much so that affected members of the Task Force are already thinking that it was a waste of tine and effort in trying to assist Malaysian Sports.

While some acknowledged that there were both good abd bad areas that needed a short and long term fix, they feel the intimidation process indicates that in all eventuality nothing will change.

When there was this X Factor that provided insights to those who hide behind the dark oak trees, giving a head-start to those that were guilty of taking the locomotive off the track in the first place, it’s akin to a derailment of sorts.

The members of the Task Force spent countless hours meeting, collecting information, document, doing interviews and submitting what is The First Draft Report t the Sports Minister a week ago.

Will now only remain as a document as even before changes could be initiated, the defence was already preparing documents for appeal and reasoning to the Federal Courts level.

Such is the state of our sports that truth will never prevail.

The media has been totally silent on this, as if they have been directed not to write a single line in this matter, such is the strength of the cartel.

So really those who wanted t be Robin Hood have now been turned into the Sheriff of Nottingham.

And instead of being in the right they now cringe in fear at further reprisals

Nothing will change , that a fact u always believed it.

Still I never will stop fighting for the truth.