Problems in Ice Hockey

There is trouble brewing in Ice Hockey.

And a meeting is said to be planned today between the disgruntled individuals and two key personnel – OCM President and NSC Director General.

The division is to such an extent that reports have been lodged with relevant authorities .

The crux of the issue is inclusion of new affiliates into the national body, the alleged non payment of allowances and withdrawals of certain athletes from the national squad.

Amongst the grouses raised as per the email received are:

1. Two police reports were filed last Thursday regarding MIHF’s financial discrepancies and fraud. Copies have been sent to SPRM and the police station will forward a copy to the Police Commercial Crimes Division.

2. It is further alleged that National Men’s players have now pulled out of the SEA Games because of their unhappiness with how MIHF is running the sport.

3. AGM 2016 deemed illegal in a letter from the Sports Commissioner’s Office on 28th August 2017. Minors and foreigners were told how they should vote during this AGM

4. AGM 2017 postponed due to Sea Games 2017.

5. AGM 2018 Contentious because 7 new State Associations were registered and were allowed to vote in the AGM.Previously individual members voted but it was decided that as a Federation, only State Associations and Clubs have voting rights. MIHF constitution provides all members have to pay membership fees before March 1st to be allowed to vote but 6 of the new State Associations were registered with the Sports Commissioner only on March 2nd.

It is also interesting to note that the Sports Minister and his Deputy are very quiet on this and have not offered any opinions on this issue.

This scenario puts in doubt the participation of Ice Hockey in SEA Games with the selection panel set to meet next Monday in a three day session.