Project Team: A poor copy and paste effort lah

Can the hastily formed “ FAM – NSC” Project Squad actually participate in the Premier League?

While the launch of this team was was by itself a poorly planned event, defying the Standard Operating Procedures , it was funny that the formation of the team was a carefully thought plan.

It was merely a copy paste effort by those sitting in positions at FAM and NSC.

Having realised that they failed to stem the exodus of players from the AMD in Gambang , and pressure to givFAM more autonomy for the millions NSC keep of taxpayers money , NSC threw some crumbs and FAM officials with bested interests got all excited.

So a similar project was done with a MOU signed in 2006 ( want a copy see me)

And the success from 2009 to 2011 was a careful laid out plan not a cheap logo revealing ceremony like yesterday.

So can this team play in the M-League?

An emphatic NO.

Is this team a duly registered football club that adheres to the AFC Club Licensing regulation?

Checks with AFC reveal no formal application has been made.

So putting the cart before the horse and misleadingly a Minister to launch a half baked idea is serious .

As AFC Sec General is overseas, more clarity later today.

And the cheek of stating paying

allowances instead of salary makes a mockery of professionalism and Minister saying long term planning by NSC.