Quarantined Based Training, why the double standards ?

Is the quarantine based training at NSC just a farce?

Doubts begin to appear by Judy looking at the men’s national hockey team.

Three coaches were imposed a self quarantine after coming into contact with a ISN staffer who was categorised as a Patient Under Contact.

Well so far so good but herein lies questions.

How is it that certain officials of the team and not quarantined at the NSC?

Namely the chief coach , the manager and the technical director are said yo be staying at their homes.

A mc it is learnt that some officials of the junior team are also allowed to skip the quarantine based order of the Minister of Youth and sports.

When this quarantined based training was first permitted for thr Road to Tokyo athletes in June, the guidelines were clear and precise – all must stay in.

Both the NSC and ISN had their media personnel embedded to provide news to the media.

That was how stringent it was and is to be.

Here we have officials blatantly defying the instructions of KBD and those running these elite training programs just closing both eyes.

A quarantine based training means just that, quarantine.

There can be no leeway for anyone, this is clearly spelt out.

The fact that is I’d happening and continues to happen means blatant disrespect of regulations and those flouting it must be punished.

There can be no two ways about it.

Putting lives at rush is unacceptable and flirting regulations is an act of defying regulations put in place.

As such the Minister Daro Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican needs to clampdown on this renegade act and GI after the BSC Director General for practicing double standards.

There should be only be one rule, no exemptions.

And those authorising this must now be hauled I’ll for putting to rush the the health of the nations elite athletes.

These self proclaimed primary donnas should take responsibility and quit their positions as clearly they are not capable of being a team let alone leading teams.

Over to your Mr. Minister !