Razak Cup : Will it go on or be called off?

Will the Tun Razak Cup still go on with the haze situation at alarming levels?

While it poses a health risk to the players, plans are in place to proceed with the tournament that is scheduled to begin on Friday.

The team managers meeting is scheduled for Thursday and is to be followed by a press conference,

So when and who will decide if the tournament is to proceed.

The decision ought to be taken today as it will save the states money in terms of travelling and hotel bookings and not at the team managers meeting.

Advise ought to be sought from the Health Ministry and the National Sports Institute Abd a decision made today ( Wednesday)

Johor coach Sarjit Singh was of the opinion that a quick decision needs to be made by MHC.

“ I contacted the Competitions Manager and he told me the tournament was on as scheduled,” said Sarjit,

“ However MHC should seek the views of TBS relevant health authorities like the MOH and ISN and make a decision.”

His views were echoed by Malacca team consultant Lee Cheng San.

“ It is better to seek advise and not risk the health of the players,” added Lee or popularly known as Eugene.

“ We cannot fault the players if they decide not to play and as such we need to get the clearance from the medical authorities.”

And Perak who are already in KL to play some matches leave the decision to MHC,

“ It will be better if a decision is made today ( Wednesday) rather then to wait for the managers meeting,” said Perak coach Mohd Nizam Hashim.

“ It’s viral that we adhere to the advice of the health authorities as we are playing outdoors and this could be a risk to the players.”

While health risk to the players and officials is one thing, those in positions of authority should also take into consideration to fans.

Attendances are already bad in Hockey and having spectators sit on the terraces for hours to watch the matches could be a hazard to their health,