Reality Check Part 2 : What can RM6,000 get me

Following my article of what RM100 could buy me these days, I was reminded on an event where I had provided my services and was promised payment of RM6,000

However it’s been more then 18 months since the event was completed and the middle man reportedly collected RM10,000 as payment but has yet to make good the promise of paying me RM6,000 as the agreed fees.

I have been patiently waiting for this individual to honour his word, but he opts to just keep quiet and ignore the fact he still owes me the money.

Perhaps he might be keeping it as he needs it more then someone who has numerous medical issues as well as being jobless for years.

Or maybe he needs it more for impending difficulties he might undergo due to karma.

So what can I do with the RM6,000

1. Pay for my dialysis for three months

2. Be able to take my father to Amritsar Golden Temple for his 88th birthday.

3. Flight ticket to Dublin with one stop over in Dubai

4. 20 months of household provisions

5. Payment of 40 months of subscription at Club Aman

6. Pay for a trip to London with one dialysis treatment there which costs RM1,800

7. Pay for a years supply of my EPO injections to help build by HB.

8. Allow me to pay for single use dialyser ( one treatment costs RM50 – so 3 times a week – 120 times which means 10 months)

9. Pay for 400 komuter trips from Pulau Sebang/Tampin to KL Sentral and vice versa

10. Pay for half the cost of my eye injections that I need to take to avoid going blind.

But then people who are blinded by wealth and have no remorse living on others hard earned money never made the attempt to pay back.

And the beauty is this individual walks around with a chip on his shoulder, but could not even pay RM100 at a recent gathering of old friends.

This is the world we live in where an invalid needs to go public to get his dues.

Perhaps next, what can you do with a few sets of walkie talkies, a printer , some extension cords plus a collectors item travelling bag….