Reality check: What can one do with RM100

I am writing this is someone I helped ended up paying me RM100 for my services.

Suffice to say the money was sent back.

However since I was paid RM100, I tried hard to look at what one could buy with RM100.

1. A three month subscription for newspaper which really only give old news.

2. Five boxes of mandarin oranges

3. 48 litres of RON95 petrol that will take me one way to JB ( without toll)

4. 2 EPO injections for my HB at dialysis ( I need 12 injections monthly)

5. One month ago f mobile phone bill

6. A meal for 4 at Mahboob Bangsar

7. Half a month subscription of Astro

8. Half a month subscription of Unifi

9. Two tickets to FA Cup final ( assuming it’s still RM60 per ticket)

10. 3 return trips by Komuter from KL Sentral to Pulau Sebang / Tampin ( I do 3 a week)

So there, that’s what RM100 can get you.

Take your pick. What will you do with the RM100 if given a choice,

Or tell me what will you spend the RM100 on when that’s your only income over 45 days work.

But there is God and there is Karma

And there are those who put sand in my rice bowl and feel happy doing it.

( Hint – three stooges involved)