Replacement for Dharma found.

The nation need not look far and abroad to fill up the vacuum created with the departure of women’s coach K. Dharmaraj.

For we have a truly fantastic and capable individual right here in our midst.

This individual has been involved in the sport since the mid 80’s, representing the state, and reportedly playing &0 international matches for the country.

It is truly an unprecedented feat and God knows just how many international this individual could have played had it not been for the fact that studies, and maybe a bit of weight, got in the way.

I was fortunate to watch this individual play and frankly the way this person manipulated opponents was subsequently transferred off pitch in daily life.

Slithering through defences is now replaced with a crave for positions do much so another one like the chief coach will surely we a added feather to an over crowded cap,

One thing though, this person does not have a coach qualification, but who cares about paper qualification when one has a gifted tongue.

That weapon can easily sway the imagination of any opponent and while we yearn for a higher ranking in women’s world hockey, this individual had in 2017 predicted we will be top 3 in Asia.

But alas that was not to be, but nevetnind it was Dharma that paid the price for failure, though he was not this individual’s choice.

With the connections this individual has, money should not be an issue as one clearly remembers how a multi million dollar sponsorship was solely the work of this person who d at specialises in taking credit for other people’s work.

Connections are everything that’s needed today and with a whole range of bodies this individual sits in, getting the right mix for the team would be like slicing into a watermelon.

So Hockey fans need not worry too much for we can for certain qualify for the next World Cup and Olympics, all in one go.

Well if not for real Hockey, at least in the imaginary scale for certain.