RMCO : Respect decision of NSC on competitions reminds Minister

The national sports bodies that have been making statements to resume competitions are being told to refrain from doing so.

Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican expresses his concern and the spate of media reports by some officials who are looking towards resuming Competitions as early as August.

DS Reezal reminded these officials to understand that the Recovery Movement Control Order was effective until August 31.

And all proposals to the National Security Council are to be tabled by the Ministry of Youth & Sports as no direct submission will be considered.

“ My advice to all sports bodies is to follow the guidelines as provided, which is only training is permitted and that too without contact.,” reminded Dato Seri Reezal.

“ Let us cross one bridge first as we cannot push for individual sports to have leeway.

“ It shall be on a collective effort our next submission to MKN will be madd and it’s way too early to think about competitions or allowing cintact sports to start training let alone be competitive .”

DS Reezal added that that various sports bodies ought to look at starting training first and following the standard operating procedures and not jump the gun to hold Competitions.

“ As I always state, the buy in is important.” said DS Reezal.

“ Look at how things were handled. We sought approval for the quarantined based training and after that we proposed non contact training.

“ Therefore let’s respect the decision of the MKN”