Road To Tokyo: NSC Camp in Bukit Jalil shifted by one week, others to start June 1.

Concerned for the well being of athletes and officials, Youth & Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican made an executive decision.

That is to move the start date of the Road to Tokyo Camp at the National Sports Council Complex in Bukit Jalil from June 1 to June 8.

This decision was taken by the Minister to give those in charge at the NSC more time to carry out the sanitisation process at Casa 1,2,3 being the buildings the athletes were to be housed.

Currently there are foreign nationals being quarantined there and they are expected to be moved out on May 29, therefore giving only 48 hours before our nations top athletes move in.

“ I want the entire area and facilities to be throughly sanitised and an extension of one week will be sufficient,” said Dato Seri Reezal.

“ We just cannot take any risks and after weighing the options. I place the safety and well being over everything else.”

When asked why this late start was not considered earlier as it was made known that the foreigners will only vacate on May 29, Dato Seri Reezal said;

“ I sought the views of many, including dine coaches and athletes and understood their apprehension.

“ We can ill afford any risk of infection and must take all necessary steps to ensure our athletes and officials are well protected”

However the delay in the start of the camp will only affect Bukit Jalil.

The other two training camps at the National Badminton Academy in Bukit Kiara and Langkawi , for badminton and sailing will proceed as planned on June 1.

“ I am impressed with the efforts undertaken by BAM in drawing up very good standard operating procedures for Bukit Kiara,” said Dato Seri Reezal who will head a special task force to monitor this phase of training.

“ However I must reiterate that the key factor is adhering to the SOP and there will be zero tolerance of any breach.

“ This pioneer batch of athletes and officials must realise that they are key to efforts to re-starting sports activities in the country.

“ So I call upon all involved to show a high degree of tolerance and discipline in order for us to try seek approvals for other sports or athletes in due course.”