Saddiq just loves to talk, without substance


Since the Sports Minister Syed Saddiq is looking at sending out show cause letters to National Sports Associations that failed to achieve their gold medal target at the recent SEA Games in Manila, perhaps he should also send one to his NSC Director General

The NSC DG should be asked to explain why were the High Performance Training Centres at state levels shut down by the current DG after being introduced by his predecessors

And while you are busy sending out these letters to NSA’s perhaps you should also pen one to yourself, asking ever since being appointed Minister if you have ever ever took the trouble to meet the NSA’s either individually or as a whole.

And from what I have seen for the past 18 or so odd months sitting at The Lions Den in the dungeon of OCM Sports Arena, you have even failed to do a formal visit to OCM.

The sham of a post mortem you held amongst non partisan individuals van only be considered strangely – a sham,

Where is the transparency and accountability that your Pakatan Harapan government promises the citizens?

With the clout of a sports minister, you could have sadly summoned up our sporting greats to help you see what went wrong.

But no, you opted to call those who openly challenged the performance at Manila as critics, and even the so called analytical main stream media lost the plot, going on a charade to defend what you rightfully admitted was a failure.

Look at how the five gold haul of the Malaysian Athletic Federation is being hailed as reaching their target.

For those who know sports, MAF only won three out their targetted six gold medals.

Those won by the 100m sprint and women’s high jump were never targetted.

But as usual the ones in charge are just covering those failures by saying the target was reached.

For heavens sake, do these people who stand in front of cameras even know sports to start with?

An independent post mortem is necessary but why is the Minister trying to tell us the Xmas cake early ?

Another thing that as a young and naive Minister that Sadiqq does not understand is that the composition of any team or athlete to a multi sport event is the sole prerogative of the national sports association and they need to go through a vetting process at the Selection Committed of the OCM.

Yes, the selection process by OCM was flawed, as it was dictated by the NSC.

If a fair and justified selection process was done based on purely merit, the. Bandwagon to Manila would have been much smaller and lesser paid when we failed.

Singapore sent 100 less athletes then us yet finished just three gold medals behind us!

And talking about exposing Sukma Athletes, why did the NSC DG not advise the Minister that’s just a suicide Mission?

Imagine in sports like badminton we would have been knocked out in the preliminary stages itself.

So if you do not know sports, then just go focus on your youth power please and let your Deputy run sports.

After all Steven Sim has been engaging NSA’s far more frequently then the Minister himself.

Perhaps now you know why there was a Sports Advisory Panel in the first place that you got rid off sheepishly .

And maybe you were still in your diapers when this nation of ours had a 13 member minister level Cabinet Committee for Sports.

And perhaps you only need to engage with the former DG’s of NSC and NSI to get a better input on managing sports.

So as usual, the NSA fall victims to failure.

I do agree with one thing though, that the failed NSA leaderships should bear responsibility as advocated by one, but is it now the season for U turns!

So why not join the bag wagon and do a U turn Minister.

Put your own house in order before cracking the whip on others.

But beware as your pen might run out of ink with all the napoleons running loose at Jalil Hill.

By the way how’s your recovery?

Do drop in to the Lions Den and I could give you a lesson or two on sports as well as operations as went through 14 in 3 years.