Sadiq – give some thought to sports please

It is indeed sad for the Malaysian sports fraternity that they need to resort to social media to get the attention of Spirts Minister Syed Sadiq.

Having been sworn in as the Youth & Sports Minister on July 2, it is indeed surprising that the young YB has managed to travel to Indonesia but has not found time to meet the national sports associations in his own backyard.

The plea by Dato Amarjit Singh of MNCF tells the whole tale as to how Low sports is for the new Minister.

With the Asian Games around the corner, one would have expected Syed Sadiq at the very least to be at the forefront to boost the confidence of the Athletes, perhaps joining in with Chef De Mission Dato Azim Zabidi who had been paying visits to almost all sport, be it Meeting the officials or athletes at their training venues.

Sports my Son, is a great unifying factor in this country.

Perhaps you might want to seek the kind cooperation of the Right Honourable Minister of Information and Multi Media YB Gobind Singh Deo and get some clips as to how sports made the various communities get together to share the joys and pain during the 1975 World Cup Hockey, the 1980 Olympic Football Qualifier, the 1992 Thomas Cup triumph, the 2009 and 2011 Sea Games and AFF Triumphs.

I am sure that you by now would have had tons of offers to provide you with advise.

I too have noticed how selective you are in responding to tweets, opting even to deny me the privilege to Direct Message you on Twitter, frankly I do not care as my medium of preferred interaction is on this website.

I am quite prepared to carry your side of the story and explain why you have stayed away from the spirts fraternity.

On your second press release, I wish not to touch on the language or grammar but more on the facts.

The AFC and FIFA have clearly stated that they will not in anyway condone any written instructions or new policy in place or threat or inducement from goverment to its Member Associations.

This particular part borders just that and might this handicap give you two cents of advice – be more tactful when touching in sensitive matters such as this.

Like a new born, there are many pitfalls in your career as Youth & Sports Minister and many would want to see you fail.

But I know you are capable of doing much more and much better if you focus, and let’s start by doing well at the Asian Games.

Give sports in the country a purpose and a vehicle to strive for success with you playing the role of pilot.

Let’s see changes Son.