SEA Games 2017 – Please enlighten us Sadiq.

While it was amusing to see Sports Minister Syed Sadiq trying to “ intervene” , largely ill advised way though” with regards to the release of Football players for the Asian Games, there are however more important things that the MP for Muar should be focussing on.

For starters can the Right Honourable Minister enlighten both the tax payers on the status of the 2017 SEA Games.

1. Where is the final report of the SEA Games.

2. Where is the final financial report with regards to the organisation of the Sea Games?

3. Has the audit for the Sea Games been completed and kindly make Report public?

4. Masoc was formed to organise the Sea Games. This August will see it bring a year when the games concluded. Just when will Masoc cease to exist?

5, Several million of equipment were purchased for the Sea Games. Why are the equipment not distributed to the national associations and still lying in a Balakong warehouse where it is believed that equipment from the discontinued E Formula were stored.

6. After the 1998 Sukom debacle, do the public need to wait another 6 years for closure of the accounts?

7. Have all the creditors for the Sea Games being paid?

These are the questions that begged to be answered by the Sports Minister.

I am sure the KSU or KBS will be able to provide you with the answers and prepare a Press Statement to address the issue,

And the NSC Director General will surely have his say.

But before you issue a Press Statement, I do hope you make it a point to cross check all information so as not to issue two press statements as you did with regards to the football issue.

And yes, when are you going to meet those who really matter in sports – the stakeholders , which is the athletes and national sports associations, especially OCM.

Kindly do so without the presence of the KBS and NSC officers who would surely try to prevent you from hearing the sordid takes affecting sports.

Oh yes behind this old man forgets, what has happened to the inquiry on the two unfortunate deaths at the PD Triathlon?

So Son, life is not about listening to those who surround you but actually going into the ground and getting information that is prevented from reaching your youthful ears.

Do not get sucked into this “ technocrats” that feel they are are the know all and be all of our sports.

Ever wondered why we stagnated or slide backwards in our sporting fortunes?

Simple, some pre historic monsters and little napoleons have done more damage the s nuclear bomb.

The rest is ip yo you Son, do the right thing, hear them all, be honest and have an open mind, then decide what’s right and wrong.