SEA Games : 70 seems to be a distance now

As of noon on December 6, the Malaysian contingent has raked in 24 gold medals.

At the flag handing ceremony, the announcement by the Sports Minister Syed Sadiq was 70 gold medals.

He proudly announced this figure was derived from the workshops held by NSC together with OCM and the National Sports Associations.

In a contrast from the past, the medal target was broken down to even predicting the silver and bronze medals.

So in total the target was as follows:

Gold ; 70

Silver : 51

Bronze : 105

With all four archers losing at the quarterfinal stages, poor shows in swimming as well as tenpin bowling.

However there have been unexpected golds from Chess and Breakdance to reduce the deficit of golds, though the common angle will be “ we did target that”

However the irony is no one wants to release the medal target by sport!

Why is the NSC not prepared to make public now the medal target by sport or athlete?

And how they arrived at the 70 target?

Was it just a ruse as they did in 2015 when they used percentage of medals won as opposed to the direct approach of medals?

In this case, it has been orchestrated that the gold medal haul will be the best outside Malaysia in the history of the SEA Games.

The last best medal haul outside Malaysia being Korat.

Now the big ask and not underestimating the caliber of our Athletes who are doing their best.

Should we fail in the medal target, will the following please vacate their positions;

1. Director General of NSC

2. Director Athlete Division NSC

3. Chairman of Selection Committee OCM.

And Sadiq needs to table a white paper in Parliament and explain on how he was given a gold medal target and failed to achieve it.

So let’s have the actual by sport target guys.

Ada berani kah?