SEA Games Flag Bearer: OCM loses out to NSC yet again

In less then 30 days the 2019 Manila SEA Games will get underway.

Malaysia has named a big contingent for the SEA Games and the selection process was so lax that it has become a SEA Games that everyone can participate in.

Two issue here with regards to the SEA Games that is of paramount importance.

Firstly the flag bearer or bearers for the Malaysian Contingent has yet to be identified.

In the past the Olympic Council of Malaysia used to name the flag bearer at least a month before any multi sports event.

But since the Asian Games last year, the selection of target recommendation comes from the National Sports Council.

Remember the selection of Syakilla Salni Jefry Krishnan as the flag bearer for the Jakarta Asian Gsmes over Hockey keeper S. Kumar?

And just look at where the two athletes are now!

It was the NSC that insisted on the Taekwondo exponent over the long serving Hockey keeper.

And the OCM Board just nodded it’s approval,

One can also expect the same thing this time around as the OCM Board only meets once every two months.

And at its last Board meeting in early October the choice was not discussed.

So once again the NSC will dictate terms and the OCM, the umbrella body of sports associations in the country will only act as a rubber stamping body.

But not to despair, as they did to justify and rectify the appointment of the COO, a special board meeting will be called, yet again, and whatever NSC decides will be endorsed.

And talking about SEA Games, whatever happened to the policy to select competent and deserving officials from national sports associations to serve on the secretariat of the Malaysian contingent?

Or will we see yet again a domination from the NSC so much so the they had the gall to tell off the OCM Secretary General at the Asian Games last year?

And just how many so called “ lawatan sambil belajar” delegations are being accreditation, yet again solely at the discretion of NSC.

Finally it’s also learnt that the COO is looking at going to the SEA Games but not to serve at the Secretariat.

And it is said to be costing around RM1,000 per day for her stay there.

As the Malay proverb goes , “ cap jari pun belum kering”

But who really cares as OCM has lost its transparency and governance aspects.