SEA Games Flights Blunder: At what cost OCM

Looking at the flight schedule of the Malaysian contingent is like going through a maze.

From information gathered through the Media Secretariat , many Athletes are being put on different flights, both going or returning home.

While this to a certain extent can be acceptable, it has been brought to my attention that arrangements for departures are chaotic.

Some NSA’s received their flight tickets the night before their departure, some saw last minute changes.

Such poor planning on the part of the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

The OCM has had years of experience arranging flights and accommodation for participation in multi sports events.

But for the Manila SEA Games it is said to not only very unpredictable but the flights were also said to be very costly.

The norm is for an athlete to go two days before their event and return a day later,

So rightfully, all flights should have been sorted out well in advance given that the Category B Athletes were required to pay RM1,000 each for flights.

Anyone familiar with travelling will know that on the average a flight to Manila will cost anything between RM600 to RM1,000, be in on MAS, Air Asia , Philippines Airlines or Malindo, and that a return flight.

But it’s alarming to note that the services of an appointed travel agent was discarded by someone within OCM who opted to deal directly with MAS.

So now it seems that the flight tickets cost between RM2,000 to RM3,500 per person.

Some associations made their own arrangements, far in advance as they were Category B and paid a mere RM700 for their Athletes.

So why did OCM fail to do this?

At what cost was this to OCM given that there are around 1114 going to Manila!

From the outlook, OCM could suffer a monetary loss of anything between RM300 to RM500,000 for flights alone.

Someone needs to take responsibility and heads must roll if OCM suffered financial losses.

And the national sports associations must learn to speak up and not take this sitting down

After all how much OCM provide the NSA’s in terms of yearly grants for their activities.

Enough said, we only pray that our athletes are prioritised, not those earning seats or the holiday makers, going to Manila on tax payers expense.

And mind you the losses OCM suffers is tax payers money so do not say it’s none of anyone’s concern!