SEA Games Football: OKS terminates before returning.

Having served FAM since 2006, Dato Ong Kim Swee was unceremoniously dumped by the Football Association of Malaysia via a phone call before he could even fly back to Malaysia.

But the soon to be 49 year old took the news calmly and made no fuss about it, well aware that in Football results determine contracts.

So the now jobless Kim Swee will be open to offers. And by the look of things, there are already a few on his table, should he decide to carry on coaching.

Kim Swee speaks his mind and reflects on the situation over the past 24 hours.

1. What do you think went wrong? Was it out preparations or wrong formation?

Answer: We have to accept the fact that teams like Cambodia and Philippines have caught up with the better teams in this region. Obviously they are doing something right while we have not progressed. Our focus should be more towards exposing our players rather then short camps. We need to re-look our strategy of short camps prior to multi sports events like SEA, Asian Games.

Talking about formation, as a coach I have my reasons for using the 3-4-3 formation. When it worked, no one spoke a word, when we failed, then it’s the formation that is being blamed.

I standby my decision to play that formation and if the situation arises, it is my decision in consultation with my coaching staff to play whatever system in accordance with the dept in my squad, and the opponents ability.

2. Do you think that the players did enough on the pitch when given a chance to play?

I will not fault the players. Their performance was viewed by everyone, so it’s up to everyone to have opinions, but they may not be right.

I can only answer for my decisions off the pitch and I stand by whatever decision I made over the course of the four matches.

3. With the non renewal of your contract, what are your immediate plans?

Kim Swee quote

“ I was informed by the Sec Gen on the non renewal of my contract. I thank FAM for the opportunity to serve as a coach . My immediate plans are to get some rest and reflect on what lies ahead. My family is now my utmost priority.

“ As for any other offers. I have none at the moment and it’s still early days to talk on my future plans.”

I accept responsibility for the SEA Games failure and was prepared to see my contract not renewed. It’s within their ( FAM) right not to renew.

The irony of things, took charge in 2011 with glory, and now sacked.

But should they have other plans for me, I will sit down, listen and then decide on what to do. So I am not very affected on this announcement in KL on my future as this is something for FAM and me to determine mutually.

4. What are your immediate plans?

I wish to spend time with my family, then prepare for the Pro Licence attachment stint in Sydney. So basically I am focussed on things I need to do and undertake. Utmost is preparation of my report on the SEA Games. Otherwise we will cross the bridge when we come to it.

5. Will you consider an offer from an M League team should you not receive a contract renewal from FAM?

Frankly I have not given that much of a thought and besides most teams have their coaches in place. But I have to find a job, I have a family to care for. We shall see what direction my life takes in the weeks to come. But not to worry, I will not become a TV or Print journalist .