SEA Games: Let’s have another sham as we did to hang Tim

Last year after the poor performance at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta/Palembang, two major events unfolded.

The first was the sham of a “ post mortem” to dissect the objectives and performance of the Podium Project.

This saw what was later deemed as a demon exorcise attempt to virtually destroy the Podium Project initiated by the last sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

And it resulted in the departure of the Podium Project Director Tim Newenham.

Along with Tim, scores of experts were also sent packing, contract terminated.

And the National Sports Institute Chief Executive Officer too beat a hasty retreat.

It resulted in NSC taking over yet again the High Performance outfit directly.

And presto a few months later, the Podium Project was reinstated. Albeit with some modifications. Supposedly for the better.

So will Syed Sadiqq now take the bold step to call for an independent post mortem to re-look the entire machinery or will he too be sucked into the false pretenders as he has since taking over?

Rather then be obsessed with dismantling what KJ initiated, is it not better that Sadiqq use this opportunity to revamp things.

After all under your tenure Minister, we failed on three major multi sports events, the Gold Coast Commonwealth, the Jakarta/Palembang Asian Games and the Manila SEA Games.

Three strikes and you are out, is that not how it is?

And the other major issue was the formation of the Special Panel headed by Tan Sri M Jegathesan.

They submitted a comprehensive and detailed paper to OCM on the Selection Criteria, not only athletes, officials but down to support and secretarial staff,

Why was a large part of the recommendations ignored by OCM?

Just how many of the 771 Athletes actually were sent on merit based on the Panel guidelines and how many just to satisfy the egos of someone?

These questions call for answers.

But trust me, none will be forthcoming as excuses will be the story of the day.