SEA Games: No justification in sending large contingent

So the argument put forward by the Olympic Council of Malaysia President on the Justin fixation of the SEA Games contingent size reads something like this.

“ So this Games is an exception (on why OCM allow national sport associations to send athletes under category B) because exposing our young athletes and promoting sports development and Olympic movements are also among the two criteria stated in the selection committee SOP.

“For instance, when we hosted the Games two years ago, we had encouraged the other nations to participate in the sports we introduced.”

However in January this year, this was reported in The Malay Mail., no mention was made on promotion of sports, especially the Olympic spirit!

“ One of the main changes in the selection criteria will be based on current season’s best which is within a period of 12 months, instead of results of previous games to qualify for fully-funded or self-funded categories,” Mohamad Norza said.

The NSC Director General is quoted as saying this;

“ We need to understand that we have two sets of athletes comprising those under category A (fully funded) and category B (self-funded but will be reimbursed if medals are won).

“There are no expectations on the category B athletes but for those who qualified under category A, they must at least deliver a bronze.”

So going by what these two most powerful leaders in Malaysian sports say, almost all of 52 sports that are being represented by Malaysian Athletes will be able to deliver medals at the games.

Which now brings us to the question of setting targets for the medal tally in Manila.

Since both who are in the Selection Panel of OCM and were key individuals who eventually gave the nod to these athlete, why do we need to wait till November for the medal target to be revealed?

Is it not a criteria that in considering a sport or an athlete worthy of competing or participating in Manila, the yardstick was to deliver medals?

Is it not the argument put forward by the various national sports associations that their athletes can deliver medals if given the chance to compete?

Is it not a fact that there was a strict criteria put in place but was ignored by those on the Selection Panel?

So the NSA’s had to sign a document “ Aku Janji” that is their commitment on the performance of their athletes going to the SEA Games.

So in plain English, OCM should reveal the details of the medal target by sport and athlete to justify the large number of those headed to Manila,

No point saying things like “ we were cheated”, “ we were given false hopes”, we were not aware” or even “ we expected more”.

Reveal the list of the promises medals to justify your argument of such a large contingent.

And if you refuse to, then you are culpable towards misleading the public and must vacate your positions in the name of accountability,

However what we will eventually read is this – ‘ We are on a learning curve, this mistake will not be repeated ,” ( until the next multi sports event that is.”