SEA Games Post Mortem: Gali Lubang, Tutup Lubang

Imagine a rape victim being asked to undergo a medical examination by her assailant.

That is disgusting and unthinkable right.

Now use the same argument when a post mortem is conducted in sports on the performance by those responsible for the participation of the sport?

No I am not talking about Hockey before someone gets all worked up and excited about this.

Hockey is deemed untouchable, it had those who played 3 Olympics and World Cups plus 6 champions trophies to legitimise it.

I only played school level and no nuts about the sport.

What I am talking about it the post mortem of the performance of the SEA Games.

Three individuals, the OCM President, NSC Director General and ISN Chief Executive Officer were members of the Selection Panel of OCM.

Also sitting in the panel was NSCDirector of Athletes who is also in the six member post mortem panel.

The other two being the Chef De Mission and his Deputy.

These four individuals mentioned earlier were responsible for vetting as to who should be on the plane to the Manila SEA Games.

And now they are evaluating the performances of the sports that supposedly failed to deliver the medals at the Games.

Does this make sense in the first place?

The same individuals being the prosecutor, jury and judge!

Lo behold, the national sports associations will be held responsible for false hopes and promising the moon.

That will be the verdict in what is a shambolic attempt to get to the truth to improve our sports.

Do those who helm sports actually know the word independent?

Aft they no shameful that they are seen as trying to erase probably their own inadequacies so as to justify their initial decision?

Where is the Aku Janji formed that the national sports associations were required to sign?

Why is OCM not revealing the targets set by the NSA’s?

When any sport wants to go for a multi sports event, they will always promise you the sky and the moon.

That is just a normal thing to occur, no big deal there.

But they need to do some convincing to those in the selection panel.

Obviously those four officials could not call the bluff.

Pray u get to play poker with them some day over high stakes,

What rightfully ought to have been done is to form an independent panel.

We are not short of experience sports officials who could have conducted a fair and just post mortem looking into the entire process.

That is if those who warm the seats at KBS, OCM, ISN and NSC actually care about the state of spirts.

Like the Public Accounts Committee, get those from both sides of the divide to sit in the post mortem.

Individuals such as former NSC Director Generals Dato Seri Zolkples Embong , Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz, Bowling and Squash Presidents Dato PS Nathan and Nik Razeen Daud respectively, former national player and Administrators in the likes of footballer Rosli Hussein, former cricketer Suresh Navaratnam , former Hockey International Manibderjit Singh, Ex Journalists Randhir Singh and Khalid Saad,

These are individuals of some standing in both society and sports who will their wealth of experience be able to identify issues and offer solutions.

Why are they not being looked at? Wrong camp?

If Ed want to fix a leak, get a plumber, not the architect or engineer who designed the building.

But when we have such attempts of contract ups, forget about doing better.

But transparency is an alien word to these people

Who cares right.

The Sports Minister and his deputy does not, so why should we all care.

After all ad one said, I am the President, who are you to question me.

Well I have 37 years of Soorts behind me, you probably were not born when I win my first medal in the state schools sports Hockey meet in 1975.