SEA Games: The tale of the thumb…. whose is it?

Shooting the messenger,

That’s what sports is all about these days.

Instead of acknowledging the fact that there are issues with regards governance in sports, the Olympic Council of Malaysia rather looks at a way to find out the source of GHD leaks.

Take for example the recent revelation of the accreditation card of its Chief Operating Officer to the SEA Games.

All was said was how is it that the COO, who was there as a member of the secretariat , ends up getting an accreditation card for an Assistant Chef De Mission.

The question posed was how is it that someone who was not appointed as the head of the contingent secure the position?

The answer could and should have been simple – that there was an error on the part of the organisers and it is or will be rectified.

But no, simple and meaningful answers are not the norm for OCM of late.

An investigation is launched, the find out just who provided that image of the accreditation card to me.

Of course the prime suspects, as has been the case from day 1. are the staff of OCM.

I pity not the staff, but those with shallow minds that think only in one direction, despite claiming to be experts in investigation.

Unlike you, I have many friends, many of those who are concerned about the way sports is managed, the way sports positions are abused, the way things are wrongly done.

The difference between them and you is simple – they are and have always been passionate about spirts, unlike you who parachute into positions due to your connections rather then ability.

So the focus of attention is now, Whose thumb is that in the image I uploaded?

Is it a man, women, transgender?

Even to the extent, is it a malay, Indian or Chinese thumb?

Was the owner of the thumb in Manila, Subic, Clark or Kuala Lumpur?

That is the focus, not on the fact that arrangements for flights to the SEA Games was a major blunder.

More on that in the coming days, a real eye opener of sorts.

For the time being though, let’s look for the owner of that thumb!

Tell you what, take a drive to Tampin some day, but be prepared to join me at dialysis at 5am, if you want answers.

Till then happy thumb hunting as I thumb you again ….