SEA Games: Time to walk the plank those responsible

So the SEA Games campaign ends with 55/56/57 golds, depending how you look at it.

But it’s no where near 70 and that is what those responsible – Sports Minister Syed Sadiq, NSC Director Dato Ahmad Shapawi, NSC Director of Athletes Jeffry Ngadirin and OCM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria should be held accountable .

Yes, equally responsible are those holding positions at the National Sports Associations, but are the above so gullible to be allowing themselves to be taken for a ride?

The Minister must now hold an inquiry, as to how the final tally was way off target.

And kindly do not pull wool over the eyes of the public by naming cronies to be part of the inquiry.

The fact that you have done away with the Sports Advisory Panel shows that you are not as open as you claim Sadiq

When someone who is shallow in sports as you are, it is advisable to seek help, but no, you think just with words you can squirm your way out of issues.

So what will you say now? That our medal winners were “ youths” and compared to other years, there were more youngsters winning gold?

And go on to justify that with Badminton delivering three gold medal supposedly with youth power?

For your info, the other countries, Thailand and Indonesia did not send their best as they were preparing for the BWF finals, a far more prestigious event which only our doubles qualified after other withdrawals.

So in order to be transparent, in line with your clarion calls of being an open book, allow experts to analyse the preparation and results and come up with recommendations .

But maybe you will listen to the current NSC Director General and say that all was ok in the performance and some results were biased as well as we had bad luck!

Now moving on to the NSC.

Right from the time of the late Tan Sri Hamzah Abu Samah who lamented that the “ NSC is now a Monster out of control”. And mind you Hamzah crested NSC as Law Minister enacting the NSC Act 1971.

Acceptable there are joint committees in every sport , but ask the national sports associations if its a level playing field in the first place!

Decisions are always made by NSC as they hold the purse strings, period.

Shapawi and his team supposedly cane up with the 70 gold medal target after having a joint sessions with the NSA.

But it is learnt that even the 70 medal target was adjusted as the initial target was above 80 gold.

So even the experts in NSC could not call the “ bluff” of over expecting and given the years of experience Shapawi has since serving in NSC from 1990’s and tons of SEA Games , Asian, Commonwealth, Olympics and other major events experience, he should bear responsibility and vacate his position without being told and allow the next 4 year cycle to be initiated by his successor.

And in doing so, Shapawi should be joined by Jeffery who took over the position of athletes division in 2015 when Shapawi became Director General.

Replacing these officers is nothing new.

In 2014, the then NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong was removed during to poor showing at the 2014 Asian and Commonwealth Games together with Arrifin Ghani the Director of Athletes Division.

And mind you only 4 years earlier the duo produced the best ever results in the 2010 Asian and Commonwealth Games,

So they were deemed accountable, why is the same not applicable now?

Yes, there will be all sorts of justification, excuses and calculators put forward ( like moving to percentage in the 2015 SEA Games).

Next is Norza.

Firstly he as the Chairman of the Selection Committee is responsible for allowing many passengers to the SEA Games.

Just how many of the B category Athletes delivered gold medals or rather medals.

And from the 773 Athletes, just how many delivered on the Aku Janji that their NSA signed .

The notion of “ friendly “ Ganes was not justifiable as there are their own events and the multi sport event should be result based.

So instead of justifying the decision of sending the second largest contingent by stating it was to foster friendship, let’s have some clarity and transparency on just why his committee allowed ill prepared athletes to go, for instance underwater Hockey, ice hockey, women’s Football to start with.

And talking about targets, there is one journalist who goes around shouting that Malaysian Athletics Federation met their target.

No they did not, simply because the women high jump and 100m men was never targetted.

Just because the two events played savour dies it justify that they reached the target.

And why did they omit the 70 gold medal by sport?

Well this will be revealed in the next article.

Till then let’s see if any will take responsibility of the dismal failure and be accountable to the tax payers of the country who already are suffering enough,

Quit if you are responsible enough.