SEA Games: When are we flying OCM?

When the Olympic Council of Malaysia wanted to hire a Chief Operating Officer, one of the reasons given was towards a more professional administration.

Granted the COO has been office for slightly over a month, but no significant changes are to be seen.

And from the feedback from several associations, they are concerned at the snail’s pace in which OCM operates now.

Imagine in less then 20 days the 2019 Manila SEA Games get under way.

Yet many teams are in the dark on their departure dates!

Admittedly the organisers of the SEA Games are partially to blame as there are changes to schedules, but surely a tentative departure plan ought to have been made available to the associations,

With events being spread all over the country and with several flying options, at the least the COO could have done was to identify three officers to look at arrangements for sports at these three different venues.

By that way no single person will be burdened by the task and things will move faster.

Also there have been no scheduled media events to receive sponsorship, at the least from the two main sponsors Bata and Yonex.

It’s yet the same organisations stepping forward and the least one can do justice for them instead of the normal ceremony where a couple of athletes turn up for the presentation ceremony.

So please show us the changes you are hired to do Madam COO or are you busy with the investigator who has been put on my tail?

Work with me or work against me, the choice is yours Mr. P.