SEA Games: wrong move by Hamidin

The newly appointed Chef De Mission for the Malaysian Contingent to the Vietnam SEA Games Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin is a bit over zealous in carrying out his responsibility.

While his enthusiasm and exuberance is commended, he must remember that this is a multi sport event that is governed by rules, regulations and conventions.

In the aftermath of the 2018 Asian Games debacle in Indonesia, the OCM formed a Task Force headed by the experienced sport’s administration r Tan Sri M. Jega and together with 2 formerNSC Directors Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad and Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz plus long serving OCM Secretary General Dato Sieh Kok Chi cane out with a guideline of selection of athletes and officials to multi sport events.

This was done over a six week period and eventually was endorsed by the OCM Executive Board and Council by February 2019.

That document is binding on everyone, even on the all mighty FAM President.

Unlike FAM where decisions can be bulldozed, there has to be respect and procedures adhered to in OCM.

By appointing four staff of his Presidents Office Team, Hamidin has opted to disregard the ground rules on the formation of the Secretariat.

He can claim that this secretariat, comprising of two each from OCM, ISN and NSC is not the actual secretariat travelling to Vietnam but to assist in initial preparation, that argument holds no water as the initial work is always carried out by OCM who have experienced staff.

Besides there are enough NSA’s that can volunteer staff to assist where needed.

The four appointed from the office of the president have no experience in ever serving as volunteers in past SEA Games editions.

And if their journalistic background is counted then might as well appoint Tony Mariadass who covered 14 SEA Games over 4 decades!

Let’s bit built a culture of cronyism as the document of the Task Force clearly eradicates such practices.

It is there fore best that Hamidin admit his erroneous move and re-look the list.

In the same note a line out of the famous song “ Season in the Sun”.

“ Goodbye Michele it’s hard to die, now that spring is in the air.”

OCM picked two staff, the hugely experienced General Manager Fong Wan Hor and a novice in Izzat Danial was was a intern till January.

This appointments in my expert opinion ( since many call themselves experts and a council of experts formed by KBS) ought to have gone to two OCM staff that topped the list in the annual evaluation exercise conducted by OCM in2020.

Just an opinion Miss COO, no need to get upset lah.

Besides the experts are already at the 4th floor of Wisma FAM as the Cacat 1 remain steadfast in his principles at The Lions Den.

Let’s the drums roll at Wisma OCM this morning in the first session of the Selection Panel .

A copy of the 2019 Task Force recommendations dully accepted by OCM has been sent to all most all the members except NSC and ISN DG and ceo as they duly considered the Jack of all trades, but masters of none.