Selangor Football transition begins

Although Selangor were knocked out at the semi final stage of the Malaysia Cup, they have been quietly planning to be a force to reckon with in Malaysian Football in years to come.

And towards that objective, it is reliably learnt that they have signed up as many as 14 players from the National Training Squad of Brad Maloney.

Which effectively means that they have managed to secure the best footballing talents amongst the graduates of the National Football Development Program.

And in their search for a Technical Director, they managed to draw the interest of former Italian legend Francesco Totti.

Totti is represented Italy 58 times scoring 8 goals.

However it is further learnt that Totti was not pursued as though he had an impressive playing credential, he lacked the coaching experience and the focus shifted to Portuguese David Nascimento.

However he opted to go to United States of America as their U19 coach despite attending a week Long interview with Selangor.

And another known name in the domestic scene, former Kedah Coach Ramon Marcote also expressed interest in the position.

And now Selangor are closing in on an several Australians.

However they are also looking at several candidates from Spain, France, USA and Japan.

Selangor have no plans to replace current coach B. Sathianathan who will take charge of the senior squad.

The focus of the Selangor FA, soon to be Selangor FC is on fastracking development of young talents next season.

That was the main reason why top young local talents chose to sign for Selangor.

They will be given more playing time in the Premier League and Super League next season.

With PKNS to be the feeder squad, that opens up some RM17 million of Budget for Selangor FC to better plan their development of players.

Unlike other feeder teams that utilise foreign players in their feeder squad, Selangor are opting to go for local talent and youth power.

But this will come at a price as results will take time.

And this is where the Selangor fans need to show patience.