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Thomas/Uber Cups postponed by BWF. Now the question is innovation, just how will the players remain competitive with the borders still closed. Time to put on your thinking caps and come out with a solution.

Podium Task Force

The Task Force Panel was to submit their final report today. However with the Youth & Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican said ti he indisposed, the event is rescheduled to Thursday. Pray that the Minister recovers sufficiently by then.


With the M-League down ti it’s final four matches, the murmurings from the fans is growing louder. With Covid 19 still lingering, it looks unlikely that fans will get to see matches at the stadia. But there is a solution, want to know about it? Well you just need to wait a bit longer as formula is ready but not revealed by FAM as yet.


Calm before the storm? Nope not talking about the action on the pitch but outside. The fixtures are a mess, I repeat a mess. And did you hear that heart of Malaysian sports is not doing the “ live” coverage but the SOJC broadcasters are. Funny right but nothing baffles me as so far as Hockey is concerned. Still await women coach to be named, really 9 months a lady would have given birth.

Sports Commissioner

She is supposedly the authority in granting permission for sports events. Can they at least reveal the events approved from August 15 and the events till October 15 please?

The RM56 million SEA Games Money

An internal investigative panel supposedly awarded the RM56 million from the 2017 SEA Games coffers to-a government agency. So why was the OCM not given a cent. Wisma OCM was built from 1989 SEA Games, The Indoor Sports Arena from the 2001 SEA Games. And what will 2017 leave us with – unanswered questions.