So you lack Scrotal Gumption to take me on?

Patience is a virtue that I never had, I admit to that.

But when push comes to shove, then I will hit back as I fear no one but God.

But the last five years or so, ever since I had medical issues, I have learnt to do one thing – that is not to take things lying down.

I write bitter truths that many cannot accept, well some too lowly educated to understand perhaps, this is yet again the story of my life.

I bite my tongue, I have only one unlike some who speak with forked ones, when confronted with issues that they cannot argue back with logic or facts.

Such is the fear I instilled in some that they dare not face me, opting to use other means ranging from threats to cyber troopers.

These cowards think they can hurt me by going after those who are associated or related to me.

But you do not know me well, for when you try to manipulate things, I go after you harder, so much so you would wish you curl back into your mothers womb.

I know what it feels, to be guilty by association, and paying the price for it, despite not having anything directly related to it.

I never let my siblings get involved in my life, be it medical or health. They leave me be, and I let them be.

Such is the price my elder brother Jusvir Singh has to pay as someone wet behind his ears wants to use Jusvir as a shield to try silence me.

Without any doubt, he is the best technical official in the country as so far as Hockey is concerned. And I dare say that to anyone’s face.

Jusvir does his responsibilities with utmost perfection, at times too perfect that it gets him more foes then friends.

But that’s the beauty about him, calm, professional and a cool head no matter what he had to endure.

Jusvir is meticulous in his work, he is dedicated to his responsibilities and above all he puts hockey above even family matters.

He never gets entangled with my writings, not once does he influence or pass any comments on my ramblings.

In other words he respects my space as I do his. But stupid people refuse to accept this fact.

Our relationship is a strange one, despite being siblings. We hardly communicate be it on the phone or in person, it’s just we are two different characters.

We have at times not spoken to each other for months as we differ in opinion on non Hockey related matters, once again more towards policy and family matters.

Hockey is seldom in our conversations as he respects my stand over issues.

Jusvir was a late starter in Hockey as I was Secretary of NS at the age of 25 and by the time i was 35 I had won and done everything in hockey.

Unlike some who sit in positions today and pass remarks that show their childishness, a forgivable act considering they were not even born when I made my foray administratively into this sport:

From being an umpire , administrator, manager to winning district, club, state, national and international events – I have been there are done it. Can you hold a candle to that you loud mouthed ignorant?

Never once when I was in positions of power I helped Jusvir move up the ladder, leaving him to do it through merit and hard work. And I am proud he managed it.

Jusvir put aside his love for Hockey to pursue higher education after working for 15 years and then focussed on bringing up his two daughters.

So when I was told that at a meeting, the inexperienced and obviously miss – informed uncouth individual passed a remark that Jusvir was not yo be considered for any appointments due to my writings, it showed the true character of some who sat quietly, protecting their seats.

It clearly shows that they think they are invincible, untouchable and can do whatever they want.

Do you honestly think that Jusvir’s none appointment will hurt me in any way?

If you think writing this article is because I am hurt or angry, you are totally wrong.

No one had in the past associated my ramblings to the fine work Jusvir had done.

Only losers and wimps like this guy will resort to such methods and dare not record it in the minutes. The word to describe it is has no scrotal gumption.

Obviously you do not know the pain I go through every alternate days of dialysis as it much higher then the pain you desire to inflict on me

There are many out there both locally and internationally that value the work of Jusvir.

This sport can do without a coward like you who probably never knew about the values associated with it.

Since you want to take me on, I am ready, use your night, use your wealth, use your power, bring it on glory seeker.

I will continue to expose your shortcomings until the entire fraternity will know who you are.

Your issues are with me, so have the balls to debate me anytime.

But when you cannot construct a sentence well or cannot even speak in front of a camera, please go read up who I am first.

For I fear no one, just God and to him you will go running when I turn on the heat on you.

Watch this space.,,,,