Sports Calendar : OCM should take the lead

Basically all sports activities in this country have come to a virtual standstill , at least until the end of April.

Not withstanding the extension of the Movement Control Order by the Prime Minister until April 14, in one of first televised address, he had made it crystal clear that no sports activities are to be held until April 30.

So the decision made by double President FAM/MFL is indeed a laudable one given that Football is after all still the number one sport in the country.

So what next for our local sports, now that both Olympics and Sukma have been postponed.

The position of Sukma is uncertain as to when it will actually take place as most national sports associations will be planning their activities for the next few months.

Looking at things, at best Sukma will be held in December this year, subject to hosts Johor agreeing on the dates.

There is however an opinion that planning should only be done after a vaccine is found.

That makes sense given the devastation Covid 19 has caused.

So the national Sports Associations will be wondering in the dark as to when will be suitable to hold their postponed events.

And this is where the Olympic Council of Malaysia could play a vital role.

OCM used to organise a half day Seninar on calendar of events for its members in the past.

However the regime prior to the present one decided to do away with this practice.

Given that the MCO is in force, calling for such a seminar will not be logical, but planning for one will be good.

In this period of inactivity, the various national sports associations should start planning and provide the suggested dates to OCM to compile.

After all the current practice is to work from home and with the ability to communicate through Skype and other forms of communication, this should be a piece of cake.

Therefore OCM needs to take the initiative towards making this happen and seek tentative dates or calendar of events and thereafter compile them and re-distribute to all for comparison.

At least then some form of a skeleton revised calendar of sports can take shape while awaiting the green light from the authorities.

One other party that ought to be consulted is the Sports Decision of the Ministry of Education,

In the first school holidays scheduled for March, a total of 11 sports saw cancellations and need to be included when the situation permits.

At best now perhaps the MSSM activities can be planned for the dates vacated by Sukma or in August.

All this needs coordination and planning,

So work from home right, well here is some sort of homework for all, that is if the headmaster ( OCM) decided it’s worthy of consideration.

No harm in trying though as we all truly groping in the dark.