Sports, changes? Stop dreaming

On Friday both the National Sports Council and National Sports Institute were directed by the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican to come out with Standard Operating Procedures for sports.

This was after the Prime Minister had announced a bit of relaxation for certain sports activities to resume on May 4.

And many had expected that some form of guidelines to be issued as an army of sports officials descended upon the Menara KBS.

Firstly nothing came out of in really, except for the the reported earlier decision to submit a proposal to allow elite Athletes to return to training on June 1.

Granted it was for those who had qualified for Tokyo Olympics and for those who were attempting to qualify.

However scant details were revealed on this proposal, as to if it was to be a “ camp” of sorts with the Athletes based in Bukit Jalil.

In reality there is no such necessity given that Badminton can be housed at Akademi Badminton Negara while Sailing cam train at Langkawi, both safer options given the fact most of NSC staff are from Red Zones.

And then there will be total lack of control as hordes of media will descend into NSC and NSI for their daily stories to fill up their pages or news segments .

While we all want the country to do well at the Olympics, dare we risk the health of our top notch athletes and coaches?

That what Dato Seri Reezal ought to ask himself as NSC will obviously come out with a grand plan of a camp, after all that been Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail on preparation of athletes since 1995.

Perhaps Dato Seri Reezal ought to go read the findings after the 2004 Athens Olympics where this camp concept was torn to shreds in the report prepared by Tan Sri Dato Seri Professor Dr. Ibrahim Saad, his fellow Penang politician turned sports administrator.

Next we go to the SOP it rather the lack of it.

As the national sports associations await some form of guidelines, perhaps these officials are already celebrating Raya.

After all 45 days of work from home yielded no results so another three weeks will make no difference as salaries roll in, unlike those who lined up at the pawn shops.

Anyway one word of caution – why were there so many officials physical present at KBS?

Is this not a violation of the MCO as no gatherings are allowed!

Or this is the SOP that we were waiting for?

Bottom line we all realise that Ministers come and go and who actually is the real sports minister.

Covid or no Covid, it’s he who dictates terms with his henchman riding short gun.

Next please…… do not expect changes, it takes scrotal gumption to do it.