Sports check: Any takers for RM10 million stimulus packages?

So is there total apathy in the various national sports associations and it’s affiliates in the country?

The Ministry of Youth and Sports had announced a RM10 million stimulus package for sports almost a month ago,

This was one of the initiatives by the Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican to assist those in sports to get back or improve post Covid 19.

In simple words, each national level sports body registered with the Sports Commissioners Office is entitles to receive RM10,000 for administration assistance, RM20,000 for organising development programs and RM30,000 for digitalisation.

While the first section is for NSA’s the other two is open for sports bodies at state and district levels.

But checks reveal the the response has been lukewarm as applications are barely trickling in.

Why this total lack of interest?

Is it because they need to submit their plans proposal and Budget in detail?

Is it because they do not comprehend and understand how they can benefit,

Is it due to the fact that they do not know what and how to apply?

Or is it just plain ignorance and arrogance as they feel they could manage without the amount deemed too little?

This is where the likes of the Olympic Council of Malaysia, the National Sports Council pr even the Sports Commissioners Office needs to step in and lay a role.

OCM used to organise an annual events seminar in the past, until it was unceremoniously dropped five years ago.

At this events seminar the affiliates used to list down their calendar for the following year and hear talks from the experts in experts .

Perhaps it’s time for OCM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria to seize the initiative by organising such an event,

OCM could hold a day long seminar to discuss the post Covid 19 calendar, get experts from Ministry of Health to talk in the SOP, get experts from KBS to brief how to gain from the stimulus package, have marketing experts to talk on how to convince sponsors in the aftermath of the pandemic.

A lot can be achieved in this one day seminar and the onus is now on OCM to drive the initiative.

As for NSC and PJS, let’s not place our hopes on them in doing this.

They probably will seek to do a retreat, a one way communication talk – do it our way or no way, kind of approach,

And surely they should have thought about this much earlier then only thinking to do so after this article was penned,

After all are they not gods gift to Malaysian Sports or do they claim.

It will be interesting to see how many of the 170 National associations have actually applied for these grants, out of which 56 are affiliated to the OCM.

Anyone going to act in this?