Sports Glory; NSC could not manage a bubble

Whither Malaysian sports.

If earlier it was moving at a snails pace with recycled programs that failed time and again, we are now at a virtual standstill.

Suddenly all that was promised is no longer in motion.

Tell me something – has anyone seen or heard of the programs for the 2021 SEA Games or the 2022 Asian and Commonwealth Games?

Selection of athletes and. qualifying standards are set by the Olympic Council of Malaysia but we all know it’s dominated by the NSC who would want to justify its inclusion of some 600 of its athletes into the expensive Podium Program.

600 athletes means we will be top 3 at SES Games medal standings and finish above 10 gold at the Commonwealth and Asian Games right, but the host of excuses have already been drawn up.

And what has happened to the RM55 million promised for development announced in the budget?

Checks with several of the national sports associations named in the 9 sports reveal no discussion of what sievert had been conducted three months after that announcement.

Blame it on Covid for this as well.

NSC could not even get their sports bubble right, something that the Sports Minister was so proud of in announcing that today he is completely under the radar on sports matters so much so the question is do we still have a sports minister.

Imagine the steering committee of both the Podium Program and the National Football Development Program has not met ever since Reezal Merican assumed office as Minister.

And these two are the most expensive sports programs under the ministry.

Oh wait a minute, there is a tender out for the design and building of a national football complex in Putrajaya for a whopping RM45 million.

After the furore of the halls in Pagoh, do we really need to spend such money right now in this economic crisis?

And is NSC immune to the MCO?

How is it that the NDDP trainees in Gambang are training normally when the rest of us have to sit hone?

Ok the rationale will be “ quarantine” based approach right.

But why the same concept not being allowed for the football teams preparing for the M-League.

The bubble has burst and the sooner Reezal realised that he had been put into a spell that is no good for sports, till then will our sports be in doldrums.

Of course there is a silver lining in the clouds.

But as the blind continue to lead the blind, let’s all close both eyes and ride the fantasy that some promised us.

Gold at Tokyo? Well ponder on really as we let things happen the same way, year in year out and hope for different results.