Sports: The Tale of Mak Chik Kiah, Pak Uda and Muthu.

In a village not too far away, three neighbours had a sad take to tell.

Not about themselves but the fate that been unkind for their children.

Mak Chik Kiah, Pak Uda, Muthu had similar tales to tell, one about their kids been taken for a ride.

Their children , Shima ( Mak Chik Kiah’s daughter), Rizal ( Pak Uda’s son) and Renga ( son of Muthu) all held government jobs and were in the B40 category.

Meaning they did not earn that much monthly.

But all three youngsters had one thing in common – sports.

Not that they played any particular sport seriously but they were qualified officials.

Many a time these three would be appointed for tournaments that ran well over two months or so.

While Mak Chik Kiah, Pak Uda and Muthu were proud of their children’s exploits, they were however angry at the treatment their kids received.

“ Elok lah berbakti tapi adalah tahap kesabaran,” lamented Mak Chik Kiah while sitting in her yard cleaning bamboos in preparation for making lemang for Raya.

“ Dah lah anak saya ke sana, ke sini setiap minggu, tapi kena keluar duit sendiri.

“ Sampai dah seribu dia Guna, tapi takda bayan pun bila akan terima bayaran bakik”

And Pak Uda who was sitting close by splitting coconuts to prepare for dodol preparation waded into the conversation.

“ Ini dah nak Raya, Kata dah bayar, tapi Anak kita selalu check akaun bank online tapi satu Sen pun takda,” said the old man who despite fasting was focussed on his task.

“ Apa lah punya orang lah, betul betul Janji keling.”

That last remark riled up Muthu who was preparing idiapum ( string hoppers or also known as putu Mayam.”

“ Jangan lah sebut janji keling bang, ini orang cakap ada toga lidah punya, “ he lamented.

“ Saya takda Raya tapi mau belanja chapati same Pak Uda dan Mak Chik Kiah, tapi itu wand Anak saya belum dapat.”

The trio then outlines the perils their children go through.

“ Dah lah kena pergi setiap minggu, keluar duit sendiri bayar tol dan minyak, nak minta balik bukan main Susah,” added Mak Chik Kiah who sells goreng pisang by the road side.

“ Ini apalah, baik duduk rumah bela ayam dari buat kerja untuk orang Yang cakap Atam ( literal translation for talk cock) “ added Pak Uda who depended solely on the income of his son.

“ Betul lah awak dua cakap, Ini lebih Putra dari putu Mayam saya punya orang.”

When asked why they allowed their children to continue to be working for such individuals, the reply was the same, “ Ini untuk berbakti untuk Negara,”

The cass of these three individuals who do not have savings that can last them seven days lest seven generations is a yearly affair.

“ Mak Chik dah badan cakap lah, Cerita Sama, macam drama minggu Ini,” the frustrates lady said.

“ Tahun in Raya tak cerah lah, nak beli minyak tanah untuk pelita pun tak cukup duit,” Mak Chik Kiah concludes

“ Dah lah tu Kiah oi, cucu kita pun massm sebab abah tak Beri duit Raya , asyik tunngu duit masuk ajer,” butted in Pak Uda.

“ Apalah lu orang, Raya tetap Raya tapi ayam semua selanat lah sebab money eliek ( do not have) untuk bikin rendang. Saya soru miss lah,” said Muthu.

And while all this was going on, their children were busy sending WhatsApp to their other colleagues who were in the same boat with them.

And they too felt that their boat was sailing to nowhere in the south China seas, a similar fate like the refugees from a certain country

The only difference was they were refugees in their own country, no thanks to powerful self serving individuals who as usual talk irresponsibly as Long as they get their faces and names in print.

So a bleak Raya till today, but at times truth does help instead of consistent lies.

Who knows their drifting boat might hit the golden beaches in the next few days.