Sukma: 28 Johor Sports Associations vote against hosting in July

It looks highly likely that Sukma will be called off.

In an internal WhatsApp from the Secretariat of Johor Sukma, they sought the opinion of the various state sports associations if Sukma should proceed as planned or postponed.

And a whooping 28 sports associations voted against holding the Sukma on the scheduled dates.

The message was as follows:

“ Assalamualaikum & salam tengahari.. Sekretariat SUKMA Johor mohon pandangan semua PIC mengenai status penganjuran SUKMA Johor pada julai ini, adakah perlu diteruskan ✅ atau ditangguhkan ❌

1. Akuatik ❌

2. Badminton❌

3. Kanu – ❌

4. Tennis -❌

5. Tenpin Boling ❌

6. Menembak – ❌

7. Karate ❌

8. Memanah ❌

9 Judo ❌

10 Berbasikal – RR/Trek/MTB/BMX ❌

11 Wushu – ❌

12 Bola jaring – ❌

13 Ragbi – ❌

14. Kriket – ❌

15. Olahraga ❌

16. Gimnastik ❌

17. Gimrama ❌

18. Bola Tampar ❌

19. Bolasepak ❌


21. Angkat Berat ❌

22. Tinju ❌

23. Hoki ❌

24. Muay❌

25. Sepak takraw ❌

26. Silat❌

27.Pelayaran ❌

28. Petanque ❌

This overwhelming votes against hosting the Sukma is a clear indication to the National Sports Council who should have advised the Sports Minister about it.

However the wait and see game that they are playing is not conducive given that the preparations of most contingents has been affected.

The best solution would be to postpone the Sukma to later this year or call it off altogether.

And perhaps the various national sports bodies could organise their individual U21 events individually ( depending on what age group their spirt was to conduct in Sukma)

Looking at the dates, perhaps September could be considered but then again one has to study the fact that the SPM examinations are close.

And taking that into consideration perhaps December will be an appropriate solution but an early notice will help clear the period if other events are planned for December.

The question is will the Sports Minister be given the true facts for him to make a correct decision and not influenced by any politician pressure, be it from States or his own officers.

We have provided hard facts, will you respond YB Dato Seri Reezal?