When the first Malaysian Games was introduced in 1986, the whole intention was noble. That is to have a multi sporys event that will help state sports bodies get assistance from their respective state government so as to enable to sport to be continued in providing athletes of national material.

When it started growing in the years to come, it shifted into a giant affair with milluons being pumped in to emerge champions, so much so that athlete pinching became a norm and the developmental aspects shunned.

And suddenly someone had this bright idea, that Sukma should be held every year with the National Sports Council having the host job in odd years.

And the NSC oftened frowned at the audacious spending when states organised it thus promising to keep it small in terms of budgeting.

Did they succeed in their so called noble intention and does this odd year Sukma actually serve a purpose?

On both accounts the answer is a big NO. It does not focus on sports that can deliver nation medals such as the Asiad or Olympics but rather dwells on lesser sports which should not be NSC’s domain but rather sports for all.

It is the financial aspect that is most worrying as it was reported today that NSC had to fork out RM8 million and could only raise RM1 million for this years edition of Sukma.

This is a major concern and the Sports Minister needs to have a complete relook at the funding of his Ministry.

Why spend a whopping RM15 million in the Tour de Langkawi?  Another few millions in the Monsoon Cup? And there are many multi million ringgit events that will be endless if it were to be listed.

Acceptance of the fact that NSC has erred in making the decision to hold Sukma yearly will be a major step but expecting that will be akin to raising the Titanic.

But hope and accountability is what we have and pray for.