Sukma: A decision to move dates should be considered

It is indeed amazing the rare of sports events, be it at the international level or domestic that have been affected by the Corona Virus.

These events have either been postponed to the later part of the year or shelved altogether.

There is a common view, to limit the interaction of public and this is perfectly understandable.

So is it not proper to look at moving the Malaysia Games ( Sukma) that are scheduled from 11-19 July in Johor.

The close proximity of Johor Baru and Singapore, is a source of concern as most events are to be held in Johor Baru and Singapore has many confirmed cases.

So rather then wait until the last minute, given that many states are moving towards their final stages of preparation , a decision needs to be undertaken now.

A more safer period will be in September given that the Tokyo Olympics ( if they go ahead) is in July/August.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the change of the Johor State Government, as the Exco for Sports is yet to be appointed.

So the National Sports Council needs to convene a meeting of the Sukma Supreme Council as soon as the Minister of Youth & Sports is announced.

Views ought yo be sought from the Ministry of Health as well as Immigration as there will obviously be movement of Athletes to Singapore.

This is a serious matter that must be given due attention now.

While we often fret at the late notification or change of dates by others, the Para Games a classic example, it is time to act accordingly in our domestic scene.

The safety and health of the athletes and public ought to be of paramount important, not dime ribbon sitting or chest thumping politician when a gold medal is won.

Let’s do the right thing, a mere assurance is not enough as we are talking about thousands of athletes and spectators .