Sukma: A no brainer if not moved

So finally the Supreme Council of the Malaysian Games will convene to decide if the Sukma scheduled for July 11-19 will go ahead or postponed.

A video conference between the 14 states, PDRM, ATM, OCM is expected to be held on Wednesday, but no time was given and most likely in the afternoon given Cabinet meets Wednesday’s .

There can only be one decision – actually it’s a no brainer – that Sukma be postponed.

The only question to be determined is when will it be moved to, the end of this year or early next year.

From the look of things, the most suited date is during the one week school holidays in March next year.

However this must be agreed by the Ministry of Education given that they normally organise their MSSM during that period.

Another possible scenario is December this year, but the calendar of sports must be studied to avoid clashes with any other event.

Had it not been for the expose by this website, nothing would have happened – no meeting whatsoever as the NSC DG in his typically laid back approach said that a meeting will be held after the end of the MCO this March.

Oozing with such confidence that the MCO will end March 31 only shows one thing – jack of all Trades, Master of None.

We are talking about lives of our young and talented Athletes, not some agriculture methods.

Back to the meeting, well expect the Sports Minister to issue voice note or release to certain media only for that is the practice he has adopted since moving into the 17th floor of KBS.

Engaging with those who his office deems as independent media Writers is the lowest on his list of engagement, with TV, Mainstream as the priority.

Nevermind the fact that our group of people are those who are really the ones which are regarded as the pulse of our sporting culture.

As one sports leader said – it’s not your number of readers that matter but the correct people are reading your articles.

And to me that’s all I need. After all I was already doing sports when some who hold positions today were still Swimming ……. Guess Where!