Sukma: One article and I wonder who is the real Sports Minister

Two conflicting statements, a weird message from Johor.

And they say life under the Movement Control Order is boring.

It all has to do with my story yesterday on this website.

Firstly a reminder to the Bernama journalist who wrote the story, more of a follow up to my story of the 28 Johor Sports Associations not agreeable to hosting the Sukma on July 11-19 due to Covid 19.

This is a website and when you want to write a story based on what was written here, have the decency to quote the website as Malaysian Sports and not a blog as you did.

Now to the second part.

The NSC DG was then quoted as saying No decision has been made on Sukma yet.

Mind you Shapawi, never did in my story I mentioned a decision was reached by the Sukma Supreme Council.

And the DG went on to say a meeting would be held after the MCO ends on March 31.

However a few hours later the Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican, who opted to ignore my requests for a statement on Sukma, but opted to provide a sound bite to two stations , was quoted as saying a video conference of the Sukma Supreme Council will be held this Wednesday to discuss Sukma.

Reezal then went on to say one of the suggestions he was considering amongst others was to postpone Sukma.

There you have it – two contradicting statements on the same issue that leaves one wondering who is the real Minister of Sports .

The icing on the cake wax still to come as I received this message from a person who said he was from the Sukma Secretariat on my Facebook Messenger.

The message read:

“ Good evening Mr Satwant..I’m XXX from secretariat SUKMA Johor 2020..Regarding the article that u post earlier about the 28 sports association from Johor, voted to hold the SUKMA event on the scheduled date. I am politely asking you to delete the post, because it had caused chaos among other state & sports association. The decision wether SUKMA will be held on the scheduled date or not is still under internal discussion”

Now firstly I wrote that 28 Association voted NOT to hold THT Sukma.

As for his “ polite” request that I delete my article, this was my reply to him.

“ And why should it cause chaos? I never said it was a decision in my article . Anyway what is the truth? Your Menteri besar says Sukma is on and that’s what I wrote. My contention simple, a decision needs to be made fast, as we talking about Olympics but not Sukma.

“ I find it odd that you directing me to delete my article, is that how secretariat operates, through directing me. I am sure you all have engaged a PR company”.

This individual then attempted to call me but as I was doing my evening prayers, I advised him as such and told him to call after 8pm which he never did.

Now let me make it crystal clear – no one dictates what I write, no one.

Engage in a conversation but never try to intimidate, threaten or coerce me into doing things against my principle of truth and honesty.

If the Secretariat feels that they want to give me their side of the story, I am willing to carry it , but never ever dictate my life.

I am a pro bono writer unlike the highly paid PR companies and frankly I have served the current Johor Menteri Besar when he was a member of the Sports Advisory Panel and I was the Executive Secretary.

Hence my advice to XXX is simple, think hard before you send me a message, I know you mean well but the presentation was not right.

As for the Sports Minister, I have decided since there is no mutual respect, I shall no longer bother trying to engage with him, I lose nothing really.

And the say was more colourful when the ISN CEO engaged in a Twitter exchange with me.

I give him the benefit of doubt as he does not know me, and his incite for me to bring my source to face him man to man will not happen as it’s a bus load of former athletes.

Take a drive to serene Tampin, I will serve you tea and roti canai from the warong adjoining my house and maybe you fancy a bow of kueh Teow kerang which many say is the best in town.

Now let me enjoy my next 4 hours on my dialysis machine.

Enough of excitement for one day.

I believe this will not end here and perhaps I might try get the views of Tunku Mahkota Johor today plus the Menteri Beaar.

But no longer attempt to engage the Sports Minister as he made it clear by ignoring requests for a statement that I am not within his pay bracket, point noted.