Sukma or Olympics – A no brainer call

A national sports association told to move their international tournament just for voicing out concerns on Sukma dates being moved.

That was the scenario at the Technical Committee meeting of Sukma last Friday.

In the first place that meeting should have never been held as at the same day and time the Youth and Sports Minister was officiating an event at the National Sports Institute.

By convention to book a date for the Minister to officiate will be fine well in advance.

So rightfully NSC too will be aware of NSI launching the V30 plan.

So how can NSC go ahead with the Technical Meeting and putting NSA’ in a fix as to which function to attend.

So why did the NSC Director General not take his own advice by moving his meeting a day earlier?

A case of the left hand not knocking right hand is doing,

What was the rationale of holding the Technical Committee meeting just a day before the Sukma Supreme Council Meeting?

Oh yes to NSC DG was busy attending meetings and interview sessions plus launches, workshops with a particular sport hence never had the tine.

One wonders just how many times he actually attends FAM functions or meetings?

Now why act so boldly by asking the sport to move their meet when it offers points for Olympic Qualifiers?

That is why an independent individual needs to head the Technical Committee.

Not someone who thinks he is the Sports Minister!

Honestly the grass at the National Stadium needs much tender and care.