Takraw President Outburst: Setting the record straight

Was there more to the rant by Sepak Takraw Association of Malaysia President Dato Ahmad Ismail!

He opted to lambast the Olympic Council of Malaysia by using unsubstantiated information, something a leader of his capability ought to have checked.

But why speak first and then be proven wrong?

Was he deliberately misled into making a mountain out of a molehill?

And was this related to the upcoming Asian Sepak Takraw elections next month!

Firstly it must be made clear that the OCM Secretary Dato Nazifuddin Painstakingly met all the national sports associations over August and September last year.

The sessions were conducted mainly to discuss the direction of Sukma as well as studying the possibility of sending younger athletes to the SEA Games.

This came about after the Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican had in his maiden speech during the OCM Council meeting on July 18 touched on the possibility that the focus on SEA Games shift towards development instead of merely a chase for medals.

Many looked at that as a signal to enhance their development plans and the reaction varied when OCM met the NSA’s.

Even the President of Takraw was singing praises after his session, saying that the consultative approach by OCM was a breath of fresh air as prior to this no effort was made to engage the NSA’s.

Perhaps the President would want to get the news reports then to refresh his memory.

So why this outburst and that too when no firm decision had been made yet?

He correctly put that the national body signs the forms of registration for the SEA Fames but can his association participate in multi sports events without OCM?

And remarks like “ why not take over the role of all national sports bodies through parliament” was totally uncalled for.

I wonder if he dare say that against the NSC which a leader described as the “ monster of Malaysian Sports”

Now touching in the determined selection process.

Though the outline was determined, there is still much confusion after the criteria was made public following the meeting on Thursday,

One good way to resolve the impasse would be for OCM to sit down and to discuss with individual NSA their direction in multi sports events for the following 8 years, meaning next 4 SEA Games including 2 Asian and Commonwealth Games.

Has anyone actually conducted a study on athletes that excel in Sukma and what happens to them in the 8 year cycle after winning the so called glittering gold.

Has the NSC led Pelapis program actually undergone a forensic Austin’s in terms of performance.

This is our root cause and this is where the Takraw President ought to have taken aim at,

And yea OCM is having its elections this year, vote whoever you think is the right person to lead them, that’s your prerogative.

But at the same time do not expect OCM to support your push for change in the Asian body.

And do you not think it’s proper to at least apologise to OCM for the unfounded and baseless allegations out made.

A coffee with the OCM President, a hand shake and who knows the winders it might do to your quest for Asian supremacy, at least not in the sport but administratively .