Terry Lee Remembered

Terry Lee was the unsung hero of Hockey in the country.

A quiet, unassuming character and a fitness freak, Terry bade farewell to his loved ones for his next joinery, to be in the gardens of his creator in July 4.

Unknown to many, Terry who once taught at St. Francis Institution Melaka was responsible for the hockey careers of the likes of the Kanniah brothers , Embaraj and Dharmaraj, Melaka Sports Council Director Arrifin Ghani, former internationals Paul Lopez and Lum Mun Fatt.

As a matter of fact Terry was the once who convinced Lum and Arrifin to switch from Football to Hockey, and the rest was history.

Terry was a dedicated development coach, often hanging out with two others, the late Teja Singh Dhaliwal and K. Machap.

The trio, akin to the three musketeers, they spent countless hours honing the skills of their charges who went on to make a name for themselves at the international scene.

Many a time one could see Terry at the old Melaka Club Padang, a revered place for any Hockey enthusiast.

Terry left behind his wife and three children, two boys and a girl.

And it was in Eugene his youngest son that Terry saw a future hockey star.

Though a bit on the chubby side, Eugene made an impression with his individual skills and was a player that could scoop the ball over a distance of 50-70 yards while on the run, a skill unmatched till today.

Terry used to coax Eugene in and he went in to make the national juniors squad of 1993 coached by C. Paramalingam, ably assisted by Khairuddin Zainal and the late Makek Khiew.

Eugene , based in Johor Baru, used to undertake the arduous journey back to Melaka each time Terry would call him, as his health started deteriorating some five years ago.

Being a devoted and loving Son, Eugene doted in his father, ensuring that he was provided the best care in his final years, never one to complain, as he does d his best to make sure his fathers needs were well looked after and he was comfortable.

Terry used to be a fitness freak, never missing his daily walks or run and Eugene’s heart bled seeing his Father in a wheelchair.

So instead of feeling sorry, Eugene will scoop his father from bed, put him in a wheelchair and onwards they went to town visiting places his Father frequented, eating food Terry enjoyed, for Eugene wanted him to feel normal.

But eventually God decides that it was time for Terry to return to meet his creator and there was not one dry eye at his wake and funeral as many took a step into memory lane to remember the good tines they had with Terry.

Goodbye my Friend Terry, I enjoyed our conversations when we met on the hockey pitch or when we used to borrow your parking lot before heading for the Melaka Sikh Temple every May.

You had touched the lives of many, but it is the good times that will serve our memories and the good deed you did for sports, both in Melaka and Malaysia.

Though the authorities never recognised your contributions, trust me when I say to those who mattered, you were truly God sent.

Rest In Peace now Sir.