The Norazmi saga

Much has been reported on the issue of technical officer Norazmi Saafar who met with a road accident upon returning from duty in a MHL match on the morning of January 28.

Below are some newspaper clippings as well as a press release by the MHC Competitions Committee.

So far a total of RM8,602 has been collected by Azmi through direct online transaction to his account.

For those who might need some background, Azmi is currently admitted in HUSM in Kelantan.

He suffered multiple injuries that required complex surgeries and had it been done at the public wing of the hospital, it would be another week for it to be done. As such he opted to do it at the private wing last Friday and the total cost was RM18, 050.

And his condition prevents any movement by road to transfer him. As such his employers will transport him by helicopter to Taiping Hospital once he is fit to travel for further care near his family,

It is therefore a humble appeal to those who wish to contribute towards his medical expenses to do so directly to Azmi via his Maybank account 105046629927 Norazmi Safar)

Azmi has asked to convert his sincere thanks and appreciation towards those have contributed towards his medical expenses and prays that the well wishers be blessed by god.