The Ops Aman- As some drenched in cold sweat

While it was an evening out for fun and laughter, not forgetting the good food, there were serious matters discussed.

Code named The Ops Aman ( though some felt it should be The Aman Move, similar to The Sheraton Move), it really has nothing to do with a coup against anyone or remove bing anybody or institution ( in case some have cold sweat) .

A culmination of some excellent sports brains with years of experience in sports, the group was only interested in one thing – that sports in the country runs like a clockwork.

Oh yes before I forget, those gentlemen who make up this group of sports lovers comprise of – Dato Seri Zolkples Embong ( Ex NSC DG), Dato Dr Ramlan Abd Aziz ( Ex ISN CEO), Nik Razeen Daud ( President Squash Malaysia, soon to be Ex CEO Stadium Board), Dato Siva Sundram ( MIFA Deputy President and FAM VP), Karim Ibrahim ( Perak AA President and Ex MAF President), Dato Naziffudin Najib ( Sec Gen OCM) , Dato ONg Kim Swee ( Head of Youth Development FAM), Safirul Abu Bakar ( Ex NFDP CEO) and yours truly SS Dhaliwal.

Different personalities from different fields, friends and foes at certain time’s of our lives, but can sit together all in one common aim – we need to do better in sports.

Discussions ranged from racism in sports, power abuse, winning our first Olympic gold in Tokyo, the apparent lack of direction in sports at Ministry level to a whole range of personal issues like health, family and of course betrayal since that’s the topic of the day in this country.

On racism the group felt that more ought to be done to educate the young and some firm action needs to be initiated before things get out of hand, perhaps it has got out of hand since this ugly episode is now trending.

Sports should remain Apolitical , but that’s easier said then done.

Most sports bodies are infested with politicians , leaving genuine people with spooring acumen on the wayside.

This all boils down to money – the apparent divide and rule concept initiated by who else but the National Sports Council.

It was also a night where Nik Razeen informed us of his impending departure from the Perbadanan Stadium Merdeka as the Chief Executive Officer on March 15.

Nik Razeen did a fantastic job turning around a body that lost money year in and year out.

But he too fell victim to the misdeeds of higher ups and as a principled individual he decided to leave.

Kudos to Nik Razeen and it is actually a shame for incoming Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican to lose such an individual.

But Reezal can put things right, but will he? No interim but an extension is in order!

And talking of a capable replacement for Nik Razeen, let’s look at options.

Personally I would recommend the current NSC Director General . ( A honest viewpoint).

Why him? Well it completes his Grand Slam at Bukit Jalil, having served as Sports Commissioner, ISN Director General and NSC Director General.

Since we cannot produce a Malaysian to win the tennis’s s grand slam at least we will have an administrator!

And his knowledge in agriculture ( having studied at UPM ) will surely be of tremendous use in changing the turf of the National Stadium.

Anyway the Minister surely has his hands full, from lobbyists to colourful charts and fantastic stats being prepared for him over the next few days.

But will he listen to the right thing , that seems to be the question mark.

So Minister, The Aman Move could give you better input, but will you be allowed to engage with us?

Your mixing will be closely curtailed, not due to the Covid Virus but by those scared of exposure of a different kind.

A million dollar question that only time will tell.

The Aman Move is in motion.