Threatened with bodily harm for writing

On Thursday morning around 9.30 am, my phone showed two messages received on my WhatsApp

One was from a familiar number while the other was a number that had called twice a month ago but went unanswered when I called back.

So I opened the first message and it simply said to lay off a certain individual in my jottings.

That was a usual thing when someone gets upset as their “ empire” collapses when truth is revealed.

And now it gets interesting.

The second message was from a person that I hardly met, except for one occasion.

This person used religion profanities, threatened physical harm, and dared me to publish his message.

And no sooner had I read that message, this sane person sent a voice note repeating what was written in his text.

And probably out of realisation that the voice note could get him into trouble, he deleted it right away after I replied I would accept his dare to publish whatever he sent.

But it was too late as I had already saved both messages and have them.

Threatening bodily harm is an offence under the Criminal Procedure Act.

Hence I contacted two police officers, one former and one current as well as key people in sports.

The advice from the two police officers was to lodge a police report, which I intend to do this Sunday.

And the senior politician who is a minister said to ignore this person as a small boy.

I am used to such threats, but coming from an immature sports official, it reflects poorly on his sport which is already beleaguered with issues

I also contacted the international body of which this person is a member of one committee, providing the evidence based on the voice note and WhatsApp message.

The international body was aghast that such words and threats were used.

Now what will I do next?

Well this individual has till Sunday morning to apologise. If he is nab enough though as he thinks we are natives in his fake world.

And should he fail to do so, I will lodge a police report, publish the report and make public the messages sent for readers to judge his character,

And when that is done everyone will be able to second Guess who that person is and which sport he represents.

And the damage to that particular sport and association he is part of will get huge.

So really I am not bothered if he even kills me, for life and death is in the hands of God.

Not a person who was parachuted into the position and frankly I’d a disgrace to the religion and society at large as he even ridiculed my handicap.

A person who makes fun and insults a handicap is truly a disgrace for he had not heard the phrase “ pick someone your own size to fight with”.

But this individual , being so uncouth in his message, is no human being when he insults my handicap ness.

However I pray that he too one day ends up a handicap as that will teach him a lesson to appreciate a handicaps tough life.

And finally to my friends out there, a dare was thrown by this individual that he would slap me when our paths cross

So let’s get together, accompany me to cross paths with him and see him carry out his threat.

This is where those who yearn for truth and FairPlay must get together.

And I believe those who champion honesty will walk besides me the day we go confront him.

Let’s wait till Sunday and to those who might pick up their phones to message me to ask which sport or person it is, wait till Sunday please.

Thank you for reading, this was a tough one to write .