Threats. Coercion , Warnings, Complaints -You cannot silence truth

What’s this with power, positions and wealth that changes characters of individuals?

It surely warrants a study as over my 57 years of existence, I have often come across these scenarios, as individuals change when empowered with any of the above or combined.

Those who are rich and powerful have one connection and trait, they have an inferiority complex.

It’s akin to someone who was never destined to play sports, as God gave thar person inverted toes, going on to think that individual is not only a Messi in the pitch, but a Pele combined with Cruyff as well as Rossi.

We are all born equals.the only difference being some with a silver spoon and others with washable linen nappies.

But those not born with silver spoons at tines worm their way into a position to gain wealth or fame that replay does not matter in this materialistic world.

What am I rambling about?

Basically nothing as this post is not directed at any individual, organisation, body, institution, personality, be it dead or alive.

I share my feelings of surroundings, the things that evolve around me and that directly affect my life either by choice or design.

I could not care less about how many honorific titles, how many cars, houses, back accounts others might have or claim to have for I have nothing to offer, a depleted account, no house, mounting debts and medical bills.

I only care for one thing – that is to provide for my 87 year old Father who is in his twilight years. But even in doing that some strive to take away the grain that feeds an old kindly man that lost his Wife if 62 years some six years ago.

In the course of my writings over the past 24 years, I have received threats, blackmails, warnings, summons, letters of demand, court appearances, You name it, I have undergone it.

Well what can you possibly get out of me now, two non functioning kidneys. two cornea damaged eyes. 8 toes on my legs, an arm that is poked all over that it looks like the arm of a drug addict getting his daily fix.

No such thing as a hamper or a honest pat on the back for writing truthful articles my writing exposes the wrongs the people do as I deem it a menace to society and they feel hurt, as the truth always hurts. Lies are like a rosary that they knead daily in order to stay relevant .

Some even go to the extent of calling up potential employers to make sure I do not get a job or a contract to do stuff with them.

So the rich and powerful are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing. Not only are they satisfied with what they have, they deny others the basic ingredients to survive and do chest thumping as if they have achieved something in life.

They speak with such sweetness that one could probably end up with verbal diabetes, a relatively unheard of disease until lately and has plagued the new generation.

Ok, I write truths, not half bake stuff, no child play stuff, no PR stuff. I say it as it is and if you do not like it then go cry to your Mother.

But instead of taking stock of what is written towards the betterment of ab Organisation, they spend considerable time discussing how to shut me up or silence me.

To the extent that if one is a Friend to me, then that person is deemed no good as well, guilty by association.

There is no need to cast evil spells or looks upon me, I have for the past 4 years undergone 14 operations and lost my eyesight that I am legally blind and also undergo dialysis.

Unlike you rich, powerful self proclaimed aristocrats, that seek a long life on this earth, I pray each night not to wake up the next morning.

So get this into your pea brained head, that I do not fear death, I do not fear threats. I do not fear your legal threats. I only fear God.

And the sooner you start actually believing in God, the better it will be for all your destructive elements that are in actual fact a menace to society at large.

Talking of threats, I was in my Google pages and one interesting word suddenly caught my attention – corporate fraud.

For those who may not understand what corporate fraud is, here is a simple explanation;

Corporate fraud consists of activities undertaken by an individual or organisation that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner, and are designed to give an advantage to the perpetrating individual.

This is something that everyone of us should be mindful of in carrying out the duties entrusted upon us

Even simple things like changing reports can be construed as corporate fraud.

I do not pick friends, Nor do I pick enemies, for our stay in this world is temporary.

We should always conduct our business with sincerity and in accordance to the Rule of Law.

That is why I keep harping on adherence to the constitution of any sports body.

The constitution is a sacred document, done by our forefather , be it for the country or a sports organisation.

It is a sacred document that provides governance to how we administer the responsibilities that we undertake.

Writing on this matter is close to my heart for I was actively involved in the drafting of the 1997 Sports Development Act, not a perfect document but it laid the foundation to regulate sports in this country.

Many just ignore the constitution or believe that they have the divine right not to adhere to it just because they feel that they are God’s gift to Malaysian Sports.

My message is clear / ignore the constitution at your own peril.

So what next? Somewhat difficult to end this subject as there is so much I want to share today.

But being a dialysis day, it’s been a tiring day, what more in 36 hours another session awaits me.

So those disgruntled, carry on lah, I will not stop writing.

Go complain to anyone you want. Go threaten me with legal suits. Go do your magic.

But I too have a little black book on each and everyone of you.

And it keeps getting thicker as long as confrontational methods are being used.

I sit for 4 hours on my dialysis chair. Do drop in if you want to talk, after all I am strapped to the chair so I could not possible tower over you with my 6 foot frame.

I am who I am and I will remain who I am, so stop trying to change me, for you need to change first before trying to impose change on others.