Tighten your belts sports bodies

Sports will face an uphill task this year.

With the Covid 19 pandemic, it’s effects in the economy in particular is expected to be devastating.

Already 28 days of Movement Control Order has been enforced and there is a possibility that it could be extended for another cycle of 14 days.

As the authorities keep reminding the public, the onus is in them to stop the spread of the virus.

Looking at the best case scenario, being pessimistic, one will be hoping that life in sports could return to normal by at the earliest early June or at the worse July.

Now this is the time to reflect, this is where leadership matters.

It’s time to re-look our priorities, for sports associations need not make it compulsory to carry out what was initially planned.

There must be sacrifices, tournaments need to be either scaled down or scrapped this year.

Fave the stark reality please, this is the calm before the storm hits.

Employing of new staff, holding of gala dinners, obscene launching or opening ceremonies should not at all be in any sports body “ things to do” for this year.

Enough of this high costing glamour events, focus your attention towards development.

Modify your tournaments, for example football.

Why bother playing a home an away format for the M League, play a one round league.

Reduce teams in Malaysia Cup to just 10 teams, play in 2 groups of five each and each team plays two home and two away matches.

Remember that the national team has vital qualifiers to prepare for, not forgetting the AFF Cup at the end of the year.

Emoluments take up the bulk of many a sports body Budget, renegotiate the terms and save the money.

Most sports bodies are dependent on subsidies or handouts.

Those days are over, if you cannot run your sport, then do the decent thing – step aside and let others who are capable run it.

The idea is to keep sports running, not ruining it.